Just another messenger bag {Introduction}


I've got a friend. She's a lovely friend. She's very talented and makes jewellery that I drool over frequently!

She asked me to make her a bag. A messenger bag with many pockets, so I did. She said I could photo it along the way for a pattern so I thought rather than write yet ANOTHER messenger bag pattern I'd just write it up as a tutorial for you to save you all some pennies!

It's quite a long tutorial so I'll be splitting it up this week. Here's the finished bag.

My friend is the perfect client, she buys the fabric she wants, gives me dimensions and her pocket specifications, so this bag is to her liking.

I used upholstery fabric for the outside with some contrasting piping and lined it with natural calico.
It's stabilised with felt but you can use fusible fleece.

Whilst the strap is adjustable, you can make it a fixed length if you prefer.

The bag has a hidden zipper pocket on the inside of the flap which fastens with a magnetic snap.

Inside are a zipped pocket, three patch pockets and a small key chain. My friend uses the keychain to hang bag charms on the outside so it's placed near the top.

The back of the bag has a large back pocket fastened with a magnetic snap. If you wanted to use this to store your iPad or other tablet you can pad and quilt this well to give it some extra protection.

If you're interested in making this bag, I'll post the materials list tomorrow so that you can get ready to sew with me. I think I'll make another one, but for myself, I kinda like it!

If you can think of nothing worse than sewing this bag you're gonna want to skip my blog for the week, you may get kinda bored!

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  1. Wow I'll definitely be following it looks just my kind of thing. Petrified at thought of piping though!
    You shouldn't use a magnetic snap on the back though if planning yp store a kindle/iPad as magnets can affect them.

  2. Sounds like fun to me. I have a lot on at the moment but will still be following your blog and saving it so I can make it later.

  3. Thank you for your feedback ladies! I'm the "wonderful friend" and she works wonders every time. This is the third item Sam has made for me and I cannot fault her work.

    You are an absolute star, Missus! xx

  4. I'll be reading along.. I have a bag to do too and am thinking of doing piping. Never done it before.

  5. That is a "BAG",,,Wow, pockets, zipper pockets and piping !!! Looks wonderful !!

  6. Beautiful messenger! I'm gonna save the tutorial for the next messenger I want to make! The piping is a nice touch.


  7. Ohhhh I can't wait! I have been looking for a messenger bag exactly like this, but I was hoping it was closed on the top with a zip rather than a magnetic snap. But I am addicted to bags, so I will come on this journey with you! :-)

    1. Ah this one doesn't have a zip but I've got a link to a tutorial that you can use alongside it to modify this one easily. Bear with me and I'll look it out tomorrow xx

  8. Yay, Pockets! I personally think that you can never have a bag with too many pockets. And piping...Piping is always fun too! Wonderful job!


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