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Remember way back in November we went on holiday to Center Parcs? No? Well I didn't forget. But I did forget to show you some pics so here's a pic of me outside the lodge ready to go out for the morning.

And here's Dus! He looks less amusing than me, I guess he's not got that rockstar thing going on.

There was a giant blackboard in our Lodge so we used it to keep a log of our week. Dus drew up a list of the areas in the tropical swimming pool and tick boxes. The ones with the double ticks are the ones I achieved. I was a wimp!

 We wrote what we did each day too. One of the housekeeping staff left us extra chalk when they came to do our lodge! I guess they could see we would use it!

Here are some other random pics for your amusement.

We didn't realise but overnight all of a sudden it became Christmas! On 9th November.... so we took advantage and had a horse & carriage elf ride. As you do....on 9th November!

I love my Pjs...don't we all?

 Mulled wine on one of the two fireworks nights we were there for. The first was the Guy Fawkes night and the second was the (early) Christmas one! The first night they'd sold out of mulled wine so we got there quick the second time. I promise we only had one cup, between us....not that you can tell from Dusband's face here :)

Or mine for that matter

The lodge we had backed onto a small lake and the wildlife were well used to visitors feeding them. Dus loves all kinds of birdies, fowl, duckies so he enjoyed his daily rendezvous with them.

We loved our time at Center parcs, it was immaculately kept, there was so much to do and all of the staff were so happy, it was like being abroad! None of that grumpy British service we're used to!

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  1. On a slight tangent; I REALLY like the graphical nature of the chalkboard. Could easily - if you had a reasonably hi-res photograph of it - take any section of it and make a piece of poster art. Love it.

    Why is one of the ducks wearing a shield? ;0)

  2. What a great holiday. It looks like it was cold... I take it the swimming and watersliding etc was indoors and heated? where is Center Parcs? What is mulled wine like? It sounds nice.
    I LOVE that black board, the art is cute and well done. It makes a great holiday reminder and must have been fun to do.


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