The lion, the witch and the wardrobe


 Ok, just the wardrobe.

So, we all know this story well. When Dusband and I married we were poor and a lot of our furniture was given to us, yadda, yadda. Well one of the things we were given was this pine triple wardrobe.

You should know, those of you who are not in the UK, we don't generally have closets here. We have wardrobes. This is a typical wardrobe. Messy and not really great for storage.

I chose to take a photo of it, as is, with no fancy tidying, jazzing up or anything. AS. IS.

Even the neatest person couldn't keep that tidy....totally impractical! Plus my husband and I both share it so there's two people's clothes and shoes and 'stuff' to fit in here.

For about 6 months I dreamed of a grand wardrobe re-do. I talked about it endlessly with the long-suffering Ben. (Dus had long got bored of the wardrobe talk but Ben was too polite to tell me to shut up).

One day I woke up and said, THIS IS THE DAY! So I took everything out.

 Doesn't it look lovely and neat all empty?

Not so the bed where everything was dumped placed carefully.

Next, Dusband removed the top shelf and moved the hanging rail up to the top. We measured with coat hangers to see how high it could go. Then he put another rail in underneath. Just a plain chrome one from Wilkinsons that he cut down to size.

He also took all of the shelves out of the left hand side and put a hanging rail in there. We left the top shelf though. Then I decided that it wasn't enough that it was more practical, it had to look attractive too. I'm really not keen on orange pine...really.

So I slapped on a couple 5 coats of 'one coat' brilliant white paint and had to sleep in the living room on the airbed for a week the fumes were so strong!

Here it is fully finished. That plywood on the back sure does suck the paint in! It could do with a layer of caulk around the edges but seeing as we're planning on moving (AGAIN!) and this would need to come apart fairly easily (AGAIN!) it didn't seem worth it.

I painted the doors separately and they too took about a million coats of one coat paint. I suspect I should have sanded them.....

Then I bought 100 black velvet super thin hangers. I bought them on amazon cheaply.

We did re-add the shelf above the rail on the left but I'm planning on covering it in fabric or paper or something so it's still orange pine at the moment. It holds two boxes, one for our pjs and one for bed socks (I love bed socks) but it's not ideal, we could do with a smaller but longer box. But working with what one has it's ok.

 So then Dusband screwed the doors back on and changed the knobs for these fancy pants ones I picked up on ebay. I bought enough to do the chest of drawers and Dusband's bedside table so it'll all match (when I get around to doing those!)

 I painted the doors with a small gloss roller, radiator roller I think it's called?

The doors have a few dings from all the moves, I didn't think to fill them til after they'd been painted! Oh well!

So that's my wardrobe re-do. Just because we don't have walk in wardrobes here in the UK (well, some do and we're all completely jealous of them), doesn't mean you have to be stuck with an impractical wardrobe, make it fit your needs!

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  1. Fantastic wardrobe re-do!

    but I'm still a little disappointed about the lion and the witch.

  2. You couldn't see the Witch because the clothes were lion top of her.

    Boom-tish. Hythankyou.


  3. Great Re-Do!! The little things, like the door handles, do add such a nice touch!


  4. Fantastic!!!!! What a difference some (a lot of paint) can make.

  5. Fab redo! Your wardrobe looks so amazingly tidy :D The knobs you used are great; I was eyeing some like that last year for my room, but opted for some cheapo numbered ones from Tiger instead (I needed 20 lol)

  6. now i want to go buy those hangers because they make everything look so good and i have random hangers… and those door knobs are great!!

  7. That looks FABO! I bet it feels good. You wouldn't recognise it as the same 'robe.
    I laughed when I read how many coats of 'one coat' paint you had used. I did the same thing not very long ago, before I discovered just how important a good quality undercoat paint is. Brands are probably different, but go to the paint shop and look for a four-in-one undercoat which will go over varnish - I guarantee it will revolutionalise your painting AND just maybe turn you into a crazy woman who paints all the old orangey pine things. ;)

  8. Now that is clever. I would never have thought of doing that! We inherited our wardrobes when we bought the house. Two massive ones, but they're really thick and there's not that much space inside. My rod falls down on a monthly basis and the shelf on Mr CA's collapsed. Due to the placement of the radiator, his is in the corner and mine on the adjacent wall, overlapping his left hand door, so he has to kind of climb in to get to the clothes at the far end. Does that count as a walk in wardrobe?

    On another note, I think walk in wardrobes would freak me out. I mean, how do you keep them tidy??

  9. Oh, and you sound like me - slap the paint on first, sanding? huh? filling? what?

    1. Dusband got a sander for Christmas though and he's taking every opportunity to bust it out lol!


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