8 week placemats


In fact, they might even be 9 week placemats. 

Once upon a time I have a very, very, very full 'scraps' basket. Or two.

I thought I'd better start by sorting them seeing as I'm fairly certain one of this year's goals is to de-stash a bit. I sorted my 1m lengths from my FQs from my scraps. So then I was left with a very full basket of scraps. Actual scraps. Useless scraps! Ha, who am I kidding, no scraps are useless! I sent two shoeboxes full of scraps, some fairly big, some a bit useless to a couple of my friends who just paid the postage and then I pulled out all of the cottons. 

Unfortunately that's not vodka, it's water. 
I cut them into 3" squares because I'm a glutton for punishment crazy head. It took a while. Then I pulled out the ones with complimentary colours. Ok, I pulled out all the girly, pastel, florally ones. 240 3" squares to be exact and I sewed them together 6 rows of 5 squares. No, I wasn't very accurate with my seam allowances, yes they are wonky, yes I do regret that. I can only blame it on early pregnancy crazy head. Although I didn't know I was pregnant at that time, I'm just using it as an excuse. Unfortunately that excuse is gone now, I have no idea what else I can use! 

Anyway, then I stuck some felt behind them, did some diamond stitching, sewed the patchwork bits to some backing bits (also from my scraps but larger) right sides together with piping between, turned them right sides out and closed up the gaps. Phew, what a sentence!

Can you say WONKY?

I made 7 then ran out of steam, the final one sat ready to just be sewn, front to backing for about 8 weeks til one day I just got up and thought, right, finish that placemat! So then I had 8 placemats. 4 with lilac piping, 4 with cream. De-stashing you know, I didn't have enough for all 8 to be matching but if I used what I had it was used. They were so easy (except for the wonky stitching) I didn't even do a tutorial. Just sew the squares together, then follow my coaster tutorial for the rest. Oh and add piping. Don't talk to me about piping.

They're all different and 'random' laid out on my tablecloth. Ok, yes, my tablecloth is a single flat sheet. How did you guess? It was cheaper than a tablecloth!

The backs all came out of my scraps basket too. They don't matter though, they won't be seen (in theory)

There were only 5 of us for lunch that day and I could have used my gorgeous, much loved set from California but you know how it is when it's something new, you have to use it that day!

I laid the extra 3 in the middle for the dishes to go on but I'm thinking that maybe with the many, many, many more 3" squares I have I need to make a runner or middle long mat or something. Maybe coasters too. The scrap basket overfloweth after all. You'll know this all of you crafters hoarders out there.

I was inspired to make these by Liz at Moments who is having a craft along this year. Every quarter she gives us an area of the home and our challenge is to make something for that area. Using any method we like, cutting, sticking, sewing, knitting, you name it, she'll accept it. How's that for obliging!

We've got til the end of March for living/dining room but I'm still building up to my big living room project, I may just have to get started on it one day and just do it (not sponsored by Nike). Goodness knows Wendy would like me to just get on with it, she's been wondering for months whether I ever will....

Anyway, the whole point of those last two paragraphs is....pop over to Liz's blog and see what the dude of it is, you've still got a whole month to make something and link up. She's super nice, she'll make you feel great about your wonky stitching, I promise :) You just have to tell her Spring is here. She'll believe anything that girl!

Oh, and this project counts towards my *Stashbust a huge amount of fabric goal fpr '13.

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  1. Those are some lovely fabrics you've got there. I really need to come up with some way to use up my 4 drawers worth of scraps, but most of them are probably tiny enough to *gasp* throw away. Blasphemy! lets just store them for a few more years. ;D

  2. I'm about as mad as you Samantha. I've cut up my scraps into 2" squares. I'm just collecting at the moment.
    I love yours wonky and all that's what makes them special.

  3. So I was reading your post and loving your placemats, wonkiness and all and I was dreaming up a sarcastic comment about you ironing the placemats when I saw it. Your unironed table cloth! Lady, you want to get that baby on your ironing board right now, and then do thte teatowels, Dus's pants and your bra.

    Are you really going to do it this month? Not the ironing, I mean the "big" project? Go on! Right, off to see Liz, then I've got to go and answer your email where you called me a big slob for not ironing my napkins (I might have made that up).

  4. Your wonky patchwork placemats are so pretty and charming! And what a great way to destash.

    I bet, after someone splatters a huge spoonful of some dark RED sauce on their placemat, you will be happy that you didn't strive for perfection in them! :)


  5. Your placemats look fabulous! I think wonkiness adds to the charm, it makes them look more friendly, homely and welcoming! I love the fabrics you used, too. My scraps are mostly plain fabrics lol

    We have those glasses too...if your turn them upside down they look Dalek-like :D

  6. The place mates look great. wonky smonky - who cares.
    yeay you for using up heaps of scraps. mind you, some of those 'scraps' are bigger than my full sized pieces. Surely if it's bigger than a fat 1/4 it's doesn't earn the title of 'scrap'? perhaps they could be promoted back to the fabric stash? oooh I think I just swore in fabric and de-stashing language ;)

  7. Awesome stash busting! Cutting 3" squares.. I couldn't do it :)

  8. ROFLOL...Your right...telling me Spring is coming will get me to accept ANY project ...even wonky placemats ! LOL
    I am totally impressed that you got a project done this quarter !! Yepeee!
    But we have to talk about what is a scrap...those pieces you used are my stash ! ...next week I'll show you scraps ! LOL

  9. ...don't forget to link up your wonky placemat


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