Introducing Fiona


So you all think you get to keep the best jobs of pattern testing to yourselves, right? WRONG!

I've tested a couple of bags for Sara at Sew Sweetness now, I notice my testers have been testing too, can't keep a good tester down right?

I tested her locked and loaded bag recently and got my mug on her blog. It was a sweet moment. Til I realised I'd changed my name to Fiona :) I suspect Sara just got me muddled up with someone else, but I've decided I kinda like it.

Yar, it's that wall again that you all love. One day I'll do a post just on that wall. You can see that my belly still hasn't quite gone back to it's washboard days of pre-pregnancy. I suspect it's actually the infection causing some bloating but my jeans are all tight and even though no one else can tell, to me I know.

p.s. My belly has never been washboard slim :)

Oh yes, back to the bag. Massive isn't it! It's about twice as big as I thought it would be, I obviously didn't read the sizes on the instructions otherwise it wouldn't have been such a shock!

I might call my pattern testing alter-ego Fiona now and Fiona might pop up every now and then. It'll keep things interesting anyway :)

 Ze front. I didn't use soft & stable like Sara tells you to because a) I'm cheap. b) I'm naughty. c) I'm lazy. Glad we got that cleared up. I used upholstery fabric and felt stabiliser. It is a bit slouchy but I think I prefer it slouchy to some of the very stiff and upright tester bags that were shown. The top is very wide open on this bag and whilst that makes it perfect for the pool/beach, I felt that slouchy is a bit better to keep those personals a bit more secure. Maybe next time I'd put a zipped top in but you know, following a pattern you just have to follow it and do your changes next time. :)

I reckon you could actually fit a small dog in this bag, or a whole litter of kittens. You'd have to wash it afterwards of course and seeing as I really am not a pet person, I doubt it's going to happen. Instead I actually stuffed it with my napkins, placemats and hand towels that I had in my ironing pile :)

Not the towels, who irons towels?!

Anyhoo, you can go purchase this pattern, why wouldn't you, over here on Sara's pattern shop extraordinaire. This pattern is called the locked & loaded bag. It kinda does what it says on the tin. It's locked and you can load it!

I also tested the sunrise clutch and I'll show you that another day. This typing lark is too much effort for one day! :)

No, not Samantha, Fiona. Maybe I need to do a new signature for my Fiona posts?

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  1. Hi Fiona ;) that bag is fab - love the fabric!

    Hope you are feeling OK,

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  2. That is a gorgeous bag!

    You're giving me ideas for carting my cat around everywhere with me :o

    Have a lovely day x

  3. Lovely bag bag Fiona! Yeah, sometimes I like bags slouchy too, depending on the style.

    I think I spied your clutch on Sara's post..

  4. I noticed on Sara's post she named you Fiona!!! I love this bag. I always love to see bright and colourful bags but always end up making them in darker plainer fabrics so this fabric really appeals to me. I would also add a zip but keep that closure too. It looks great.

  5. Opps clicked send too quickly. Wanted to say you look great too and if you saw my belly then you'd be quite happy with yours. At least you have a good excuse for yours.

  6. Hi Fiona.... you pick the same kind of fabrics that my friend, and designer, Samantha would use!! You should ask her if you can be a tester for her! lol

    Your bag is lovely! It looks like you can put a lot inside and still look stylish.


  7. First off Samantha...if you call that a belly..we really need to talk !
    I can show you what a belly looks like !
    But actually I don't think my camera has that wide of a screen!

    Second...I see that cats been out to playing ! Love your Bag !
    I didn't test it because i was to cheap to get the lock ...LOL
    Glad to see where both cheapies in different areas :-)
    Look forward to seeing your other bag.

    Back to my report writing :-0
    Hugs, Liz

  8. I was wondering who Fiona was, I love the idea of having an alter ego.


  9. Never mind "who irons towels?" Who irons placemats?? ;0)

    Love the bag, I'd read the post and never even noticed she'd called you Fiona, maybe that's your real name and you've just forgotten and THINK it's Samantha?

    Anyway Fiona, better go, things to do...

  10. Hiya Fiona, you are looking good! That yellow cardigan suits you and you gorgeous spunky hair cut. :)
    OK back on topic... cool bag, I bet it could get pretty heavy when fully loaded. clever name too. How cool that you are pattern testing for someone else.

  11. I had noticed the Fiona thing and was rather bewildered, but figured it was mix-up ...or else you had another alter-ego besides Scroogantha :)

    Your bag turned out nice! My only problem with bigger bags is that I end up just stuffing more and more things in it and it really becomes a problem :-/


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