The day I ate a monster....


...trail mix.

You thought it would be an actual monster didn't you. Is that something you can imagine me doing?

Anyway, I am fed up of my absence here on the old blog so I thought I'd give you a quick health recap (fed up of my health yet? yeah, me too) then move onto the monster.

I was having some pain a few days after the op so I went to see the doc who gave me the strongest antibiotics known to man (it felt like anyway) and took some tests and sent me away.

I took those super strong antibiotics and felt awful for a day or two. (1000mg in one dose) Then the surgery called me back and said that the results were back, the antibiotics they gave me were useless and I needed different ones. So now I'm on 400mg three times a day. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. Honestly, this health situation is enough to put me off trying!

So then there I was, sat at my desk sewing up a sample (for my new pattern doncha know - yes, it was did you guess?) and a strange white box appeared in front of me, amidst the mess of sewing. I say strange because it was *whispers* foreign. I couldn't think what I had ordered from was like opening a present!

So I thought to myself, "Self, you really have to keep a track on your spending, open the invoice, that'll tell you what you bought so you can pretend to not be surprised and Dus won't realise you have no idea what is in this box."

That of course gave the game away, phew, breathe a sigh of relief. It's not something I ordered and couldn't remember, it's my pouch from the sweet pouch swap from Jenni!

 I can't remember what I'd said about myself but this lovely lady had me pegged. Pink. Oh yes, that's me :)

This pouch is massive, I could easily fit all my toiletries in there for a week! And no, I'm not a stinker, one doesn't need so many hair products when one's hair is only 2" long. :)

Check out these zipper ends, this girl got da skillzors when it comes to neat zipper ends! I'm so very lucky! Shoddy workmanship makes me cringe, not that I'd ever tell anyone their pouch was shoddy, I'm just so very pleased to have a pouch from someone with unbelievable sewing prowess!

KERCHING!! This massive pouch was stuffed full of 'foreign' goodies! I say foreign, to anyone in the US, you'd realise these are not foreign, it's me who's foreign. I've never before said the word foreign so many times in a row. It's a special kinda day.

I've had Swedish fish before when I was at summer camp (oh, urm, yeah, 12 years ago) and we have rolos here but I've not tried any of the rest. The monster trail mix is what I loved. I always think of trail mix as healthy. Like, really healthy. Oh no, not this trail mix, m&m's nestled lovingly against peanut butter against chocolate chips alongside the healthy. So now I can tell my sister in law (she of nutritional therapy knowledge) that I was really healthy and had trail mix for my mid-morning snack. And feel smug about it.

I love sweet and salty though, that chocolate is divine, I've never tasted anything like it before, YUM!

Oh and the inside of the pouch was pretty too!

Anyone still waiting on their pouches to arrive? And have you signed up for the covert robin yet? I've decided that I actually love sending things out on swaps!

My lovely sender was Jenni and you can check out her flickr here: KazKitty and her blog here: KazKitty blog. Thank you Jenni! xx

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  1. Oh wonderful day !!! I received mine a couple of days ago and was thrilled also. This has been such fun and am excited for the next swap also. Hope you continue to feel better.
    xx Kim

  2. What a lovely surprise! Great looking pouch..

    I haven't recieved mine yet, but it's only been 1 week since deadline and i know post might take a while..

  3. What a lovely surprise in the mail.... to have received such a beautiful pouch and all the goodies, from your secret partner!! I love the linen look with the patchwork :)


  4. Oh I'm green with envy!!!! Pretty pouch and all those chocolates. It's been about 17 years I haven't eaten a rolo, we can't get those where I live. Probably just as well being I'm not allowed to eat chocolate now.

  5. "A chocolate a day keeps the troubles away"

    Only one?

    Clearly, this does not apply to you.

  6. Oh that looks so yummy and the chockies look good too. ;)
    I laughed (out loud) when I read the bit about wondering what you had ordered and needing to read the invoice fast to refresh your memory... so glad to know I am not the only one.

  7. Trail mix with chocolate pieces is awesome! I eat more than I should. The colors of the pouch are great. Hope my partner receives theirs soon!


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