Shhh it's a secret


Ok lovelies, I know you all love swaps. So I've got another one for you to go join in with. The applications start TODAY!!!!!

It's a secret though, don't tell your recipient who you are til after they've got their swap. I'm so excited!! I bet whoever gets mine will realise it's from me because of the extra chocolate. It doesn't require chocolate...but you know me. Chocolate = NECESSARY.

Right, the details, stop me rambling. I've pinched them word for word from Imagine Gnats. Her blog is just so beautiful, you should check it out.

the covert robin button

It's being hosted by 8 bloggers. The final one is still to be announced (at time of writing) as it was open to applications.

Cassie (elegantitus)
Courtney (mon petit lyons)
Jane (buzzmills)
Jill (Made with Moxie)
Karen (Sew Well Maide)
Kelley (casa crafty)
Rachael (imagine gnats)

Here's the dude of it:

swap guidelines (are simple): 
1. make something handmade and lovely
2. send your gift according to the above timeframes
3. post about your gifts to enter for a chance to win!
4. have fun :)

not required, but would be appreciated:
1. add a nifty covert robin button on your blog (code available in sidebar)
2. check out and follow my lovely co-hosts' blogs

And the dates:

sign-ups: open february 15-28
recipient information: will be emailed by march 4
gifts: must be mailed by march 31
blog post link-up: open april 1-30
prize winners will be chosen randomly and announced on may 3

Go sign up today, now!!! Ok, you've got two weeks but still, I don't want you to miss out on this one, it'll be fun :)

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  1. Oh good, another swap...yipeee !!! Thanks for the info...heading over there now !!!!!

  2. hmm.. thanks for sharing.. need to see if I'd be able to do this!

  3. Oh my goodness, that sounds like so much fun. I'm in Canada, can I still sign up?

  4. Your comment about chocolate made me smile because my last blog post starts with some remarks about chocolate. I'm supposed to get some knitting lessons from a friend, but it hasn't happened yet. Hope I'm not too old to learn!


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