Cutting down on paper clutter


Just a quickie today but one of my goals in '13 is to cut down on my paper clutter.

After the usual online bills etc, I noticed a lot of it was cuttings from magazines and discount codes I'd received from orders. Oh and business cards.

So now instead of cutting them out I take a quick pic with my phone and then once every now and then load them into a folder on my laptop ready for when I need them.

I have a 'cuttings' folder, a 'discounts' folder and a 'business cards' folder.

It's quick, easy and saves paper clutter!

How do you keep your paper clutter to a minimum? I need more help!!

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  1. I've got so much paper clutter laying on my desk and growing rapidly. What a brilliant idea!!

  2. We are trying to do the same.. My husband got a document scanner.. We are scanning statements, reciepts, etc.. I think you can scan business cards. Once scan everything is seachable. so if you want to search for something you paid $10.01 for you can do that. We are trying to scan old statements so it's a long process resulting in a lot of shredding. But hopefully we'll get to the point where we just need to do a scan once a month.

  3. We do similar to you as in photograhing everything ... but instead of putting it on our desktop we use Evernote. Evernote is a webpage/app that can be put on your PC, your phone, your tablet, or even your Kindle. No matter what gadget you enter something into it syncs with all the others. You can even share notes/files with others if you want. My hubs and I share a note for the grocery list. Either of us can add to it at anyt ime and it automatically syncs to all the gadgets. That way whoever ends up at the store knows everything that is needed. We also share our 'to-do list' so he can never say he didn't know I wanted him to do that :)

  4. This is an awesome idea! I'll have to keep this in mind for getting rid of some paper clutter!

  5. What an excellent idea! I am going to start taking photos of business cards.
    Tammie's idea is one to investigate further too - ta Tammie.

    oh btw... I am back home from the land of limited intrenet.

  6. Hi Samantha! It was a great idea to take a picture of the cards and cutouts and save them all on your laptop. I got rid of the business cards I’ve collected by compiling the information into one document instead. Most of the papers in the house are important documents that I keep securely filed away, but they also have digital backups. Any other unnecessary clutter, I shred.

    -Ruby Badcoe


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