Bear with me!


Somebody sent me a new hat. It's a teddy bear hat. I kind of forgot the teddy part though so I've done my scary bear face.

I like to think that my lack of make up/tan make it look more scary.

At our church, my friend Helen says 'bear with me' and it's a race then to try and do your bear impression before she does. She often wins, I'm just not prepared for bearing on a regular basis. Well, I wasn't, but now I have a bear hat!

There wasn't a note or senders address in the package but I suspect that it was YOU who sent it to me.

I love the cute envelope, it was a white and black paisley jiffy bag!!
I deliberately did my jumper up to the top to make me look more bear-like.

Here's my 'sensible' picture. Dusband laughed that I wanted to take a sensible photo of my teddy bear hat. What, are teddy bear hats not sensible?!

p.s. I actually love this hat very much and will be wearing it to youth group tonight most proudly! Thank you very, very, very much! You can tick it off your list at the end of the month now :)

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  1. Oh you look adorable. LOLLL I must admit though you are very brave wearing it out.

  2. That is such a cute hat! :D

  3. It must be un-bear-able not knowing who sent the bear-y cute hat, I guess you will just have to grin and bear it. hehehe it's moments like this that I can be thankful for being on the other side of the globe lest I have to duck as something (cushion, book, wad of paper) comes flying in my direction.... at least that makes my humour a tad more bearable. ... just had to get one more in.
    (hint -look at the postage amount and stamp for a hint on where it has come from - is it a Brittish postmark? The more the postage cost the further away it originated.)

  4. I could bearly stop myself form laughing ...
    you look you could use a bear hug!
    The worse part is that I love it..and I want a bear hat too ! :-)

  5. This hat is so awesome! I wish I had a cute bear hat!

  6. Oh no, I completely forgot to put the card in there! It must still be on my cutting table! What a £$%* I am! I am glad to see you do have a normal sized head, it wouldn't fit on mine and I did think it would be too small! Looks like I could have a few orders from your readers...

  7. HaHa wonderful picture! I tried to make a similar one for Corbin when he was born, but his head was too big. :/ Little fat headed kids!


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