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I made a top. Quite a while ago, maybe 2 years now? I liked it, it was my first item of clothing. I didn't own a serger and zig zagging was so slooooooow so the inside edges are mostly unfinished but I've worn it a fair bit and it's held up quite well against laundering.

But it was just slightly too short. We don't get much warm weather here so I'd usually wear this top with a long sleeve top underneath and a cardigan over the top and it was a bit too short for the top underneath to look like deliberate layering, it just looked like my thermals were showing.

So once again to the stash, my dear friends!

I found out some cotton crochet trim given to me in amongst a large bag of trimmings (thanks Di!) and stitched it on along the bottom! It's so simple I felt a bit silly taking photos of each step but I thought I'd better post them in case there's anyone else who's thinking it's tricky.

Ok first I handstitched the end of the lace under and then using my sewline glue pen, I glued it along the wrong side of my hem.

Then I went along the top of the lace and stitched it using my machine. The sewline glue pen holds it nicely in place without gunking up your needle. It's blue when it goes on but dries clear and washes out.

Ta-daaaaaa, it's the same top, but with a lace trim along the bottom. It took me longer to write this post than it did to add the lace.

I've still got a ton of lace and trims in my stash so now I find myself looking round at all that I own wondering what else I can add lace to!

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  1. Very pretty, the lace was a good idea. Love how you taped it to the door. LOLL

  2. hehe yeah, I like your tape! Pretty fabric you used for the shirt.

  3. Aren't you one smark chickie!!! (That's a compliment, by the way, just in case it's become the most recent bad word. lol) Looks fantastic! And I like the pattern and color. :-)

  4. Love the fabric you used for that top and you even managed to increase its cute factor with the lace.


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