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Today's post will be both informative yet attractive. If you don't like pink it will just be informative. 

 I love hemming with bias tape. I'm lazy. I hate hemming. Let me repeat that. I HATE HEMMING! Bias tape makes it a bit easier. I realise that I already sound like I'm being sponsored to write this post, I'm not. I wish I was. Wouldn't that be good! I could add a box-full of bias tape to my already overflowing stash cupboard.

Anyway. First you'll need a tea dress. Or whatever you want to hem. Obviously if you're a boy you wouldn't want a tea dress. You'd want a shift dress to fit your body shape. Maybe you don't want a dress at all. 

Firstly you'll need whatever you want to hem, I had a tea dress that I made.

 My tea dress was made from poly peachskin and unravelled terribly. I made it before I had my serger. Which means that these photos have been waiting to be blogged for over a year. Well done me!

 The hem on my dress after I'd made it but before I hemmed it.
 I chose some bias tape in a bright pink to match the flowers on the dress. And make it a bit more fun. If you're going to be doing this, I suggest making a feature of it.

 Open one side of the binding and pin it all along the bottom edge, overlapping the ends. I tucked under the bottom edge so that it would be sealed when turned over.

Sew along the fold line and then I pinked the edge to get rid of any stray unravelly bits.

Turn the whole hem over and press along where you want your bottom crease. You could measure this. Wait, you should measure this. :/

 Stitch along the top edge of the bias fixing it onto the wrong side of your garment/item/tea dress.

Job done, pour yourself a cup of tea and dunk a rich tea (I wanted to say hob nob but they just don't have the structural integrity).
 I love the pop of colour in the hem. I don't think anyone else ever sees it but if they did they'd think it was a really cute feature!

It does create quite a deep hem so make sure you're happy with that on the right side but it encloses all the raw edges and leaves a lovely finished hem. 

I use bias on sleeveless tops instead of facings, necklines, cuffs, hems, all sorts really. If it can take this kind of laziness, I'm on it.

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  1. Yay for year old projects! I've definitely got more than a few of those kind of pictures hanging around, but you never know when you'll need an extra post right? The pink really is a lovely pop of color though, and I love the fabric!

  2. It is a cute feature and a good tutorial! I also like the print of the tea dress. Looks like you might have run over that pin with the sewing machine. I have a few like that and managed to break a machine needle. lol

  3. Looks really cute with the bias tape! I hate hemming too, but the idea of using bias tape instead definitely appeals lol

  4. I have often used bias to hem dresses, makes the task a bit easier. I also like rolled hems for the same reason. I too hate hemming dresses. The main reason is that I am lopsided so can't just measure and hem but need to wear the dress and have someone measure and mark/pin etc it on me. It is such a hassle. So much so that I often don't even both with dresses except for special occasions.
    What defines a tea dress? I've heard the term but usually in movies set in the 50's or 60's or earlier.
    Here in Australia we refer to a sundress as a light floaty dress, usually with shoulder straps worn in warm weather. Is this similar?
    Now that you have reminded me... I am sure I have a few posts that are partially done and never got posted sitting back there somewhere.... maybe I should go and find the poor lost things and see if I can resurrect them.

  5. I haven't done any dressmaking in years but seeing that pretty dress makes me want to sew something. I like the bias seam binding tip. It looks lovely on the inside hem.
    What pattern is the dress?


  6. Great tutorial... I suppose I don't make clothes often, but I love the finish that this gives. I'll file it away for 'someday'.


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