Remember how my one goal this year is to comment more? Well it gets really, really, really, really hard to motivate myself to comment when you have your word verification on!

Please do me a favour and turn it off. Don't allow anonymous commenters and that will stop the majority of the spam, in fact it's stopped all of mine. If you still have an issue, then you can turn it back on.

Charm About You

I've checked and turned my verification off, please will you just take a couple of minutes and check your comments section of your settings? Pretty please? Thank you :) xx

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  1. I turned mine off when you told me. I hate it too and am annoyed I've had it on.. (I was sure it off to begin with)

  2. I turn it off and I get 20 spam comments a day. Is there a trick I should know?

  3. I hate it too, why make it hard for people to comment. If you don't want spam turn off anonymous comments!

  4. Thanks, I will turn it off, I didn't realize about the anon comments being turned off.


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