My mother's smelly drawers


Sunday 10th March was mothering Sunday here in the UK and inspired by a gal I know, I thought I'd better make use of the lavender I cut and dried last year. Seeing as I grew the lavender in our garden, I thought it would be extra special.

First I hunted in the scrap bin for some calico and cut it into 12 pieces. I know it looks like there's only 6 here, it's because the fabric was folded and I was lazy so I just cut it into 6 folded pieces. :)

Next I stitched around 3 sides and left a turning gap. Actually, that's a lie. When I got to my turning gap I backstitched then lengthened my stitch to a REAAAAALLY long stitch, stitched over the turning gap, changed back to my regular length, backstitched then carried on. But you could just stop.

Then I stuffed the pouches with some stuffing I had laying around (oh that stash, will it never end?) and poured in some of the dried lavender flowers.
It was at this point that Dus started sneezing, the window and door had to be opened and our headaches began. Don't let that put you off though, just ventilate well!

 Oh yes, and then I handstitched the opening closed. Neatly because I didn't want my mother to tell me off. (Not that she would, I've given her some right junk in the past and she's always pretending it's a work of art. Thanks mum!)

Oh yes, so then I got my nice fancy fabric, cut some squares the same size as the calico, and some slightly longer. Cut the longer ones in half then did some tiny hems.

Then I laid the hemmed pieces down overlapping on top of one of the regular size pieces and stitched around all four sides. This is the same as an envelope cushion so if you think my tutorial is rubbish you can easily find someone who can teach you on a search engine. :)

I pinked the edges and clipped the corners, turned them right sides out and stuffed the smelly pouches inside.

 I also made a drawstring bag for them to go into but I forgot a photo of that. It had eyelet lace to cinch the top closed.

 Anyway, my mother seemed pleased with them, so now she'll have lavender scented drawers. Until they lose their scent and I have to make some more smelly pouches :)

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  1. Love the title of this post! I hope your mother wasn't insulted. lol Cute pillow sachets. LOVE lavender, and just made another batch of lavender bud soap. So how many bags have you made for your mother?

  2. They are sweet - of course your mum loved them.
    I used wadding scraps for mine when I made them last. I recently saw some made with rice and lavender. It gives them a bit more weight and I guess they could be used as mini heat packs too.

  3. I love my smelly draws and will take a picture of the lovely bag that they came in. I am glad you did remember to sew the opening or else I would really have had smelly draws (the lavender would be all ove the place ) xxx

  4. lovely! i can't believe you went to the trouble of handstitching the pouches shut when they were going inside something else! That is dedication my girl!

  5. Totally cute little sachets!
    (I think I would be sneezing, like your Des, while sewing all of them!)



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