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Fiona's baaaaaaaack!

Actually, I feel a bit bad now because Sara genuinely made a mistake and called me Fiona on the last pattern. This time I sent her my photos labelled Fiona1, Fiona2 etc making the most of my pattern testing alter ego and when I read her launch post realised there actually IS a Fiona testing for her. So now we have to think up another name for my pattern testing alter-ego. What about Queen Sissy-pants?

Anyway, I'm guessing you'll want to see the dude of it now then? Dus had nicknamed this bag 'The Massovional' because it's so big. Seriously, it's giant. I could fit a small child in here. (I don't have a small child fortunately, they would probably be taken off me).

I used some leftover vintage red chambray (remember my dress?), some leftover harris tweedy fabric (polyester though, not proper tweed), black cotton and red piping. ALL FROM STASH! Yeah baby! I'm doing really well with de-stashing this year. Well, I feel like I am but then I go to the cupboard and there's still piles of it!

I used a long metal open ended zip that I had in my stash (yay for stash!) and it may have been because it was so chunky, but I really struggled to sew up the sides close enough so just hand finished the small openings at the ends of the zip. I suspect if you follow the actual material's list you might find you don't struggle because you'll have the zip that was recommended, not a really fat chunky metal zip :)

I had to stuff this bag full of bubblewrap for the photos. So much so that now we have none left for packing :)

You can buy the pattern for this bag, the Massovional in Sara's pattern shop. Be aware though that she has it listed as Aeroplane bag. I think she's missed a trick with the naming of this one ;)

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  1. Not bad. Thumbs up for the use of the check tweed.


  2. Oh my gosh, that bag is huge! It would be perfect for traveling, though. It looks great!

  3. That is one huge bag, but would probably be great as the 'purse' one gets to carry on along with a carry on bag. It's amazing what passes for a purse these days. :-)

  4. I saw this giant bag on Sara's post, Fiona. It's lovely and I bet it's really useful. I offered to test it but she didn't want me, sob.

  5. yep - massovonial.
    looks like a simple style suitable for beginners too.

  6. I was quickly scrolling through Sara's post and slowed down at the stone wall to see it was yours!


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