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Hello! Firstly, let me warn you, I'm grumpy today. I suspect it's because my sleep was rudely interrupted by Dus coughing away all night.

So, I've got lots of little things to say. Feel free to skip this post, there's nothing here for you Geraint.

Firstly (well, sort of firstly if you ignore my telling you I'm feeling grumpy), thank you all very, very, very much for your comments on my PJ quilt post. Up til then I had no idea the binding was that bad. Sure it didn't look very good but I thought that was just a matter of opinion! Until the flurry of comments, I thought oh well, just live with it. You've given me the courage to (politely) email the quilter to tell her how disappointed I am with the binding. Even if nothing else, at least I've told her.

Secondly, I've finished my gift for the covert robin swap. Annoyingly when my email came through (two days late - technical hitch) there was no blog address and no pinterest! Eeek! I emailed the host back asking for them (thinking that they must be somewhere, it's a bloggers swap right?) who sent me a wonderfully helpful page of tutorials.

I ignored them all :) I turned to my sister Liz and her powers of search engine manipulation (her day job is something to do with search engines, all very hush hush, I didn't just tell you all that eh) but she could only find a facebook page and a pinterest board with one pin on it! She was however able to find enough information for inspiration to flourish within my mind and now I've finished it.

Seeing as I don't think my partner reads my blog, and she doesn't seem to be very active online, would you like to see it? If you think I should wait til she's received it then I'll wait, just let me know in the comments. Here's a sneak peek.

Thirdly, we exchanged on our new house last Friday and are due to complete this Friday, 22nd March. EEEEEEEEEE!!!! It's kind of scary buying your first house, what if the boiler blows up (likely), the house burns down (we've bought insurance), the basement is damp (a basement!!!!!), etc. This blog could get very housey, very quickly. Sorry in advance ;)

Fourthly, I've sold more patterns this month than any month previously, thank you to everyone who's shared my patterns with the world. One day I may be able to buy myself a giant cutting mat with the proceeds :)

Fifthly, I've been RUBBISH about telling you what giveaways are on for the Satchel pattern and when they're ending, so here they are:

Maria's giveaway - ends 20th March.
Dee's giveaway - ends 20th March.
Nissa's giveaway - ends 25th March.
Liz's giveaway - ends 25th March.

If any more come to my attention I'll let you know. :)

Sixthly, Google reader going. Grr! (Sometimes I call my friend Geraint "Grr" when I can't get the name Geraint out easily, it's a tough name for us English!) At the moment I like that I read my blogs in the browser then just click the 'next' button on my toolbar and it takes me to them. I tried Bloglovin' a while back and found it was missing some posts and when it wasn't it was just very slooooow. So I am on it, but I'm loathe to use it again. I logged onto GR over the weekend to discover that the 95 unread posts that my phone told me I had were all suddenly marked as read and I couldn't find them again. My phone then refreshed and lost them too! I'm hoping I didn't miss anything important :/
I'm trying The Old Reader next but I'm currently behind 42k people waiting to have our subscriptions imported. If it works well when the import is done I'm happy, I don't mind about waiting for now.

Seventhly, doesn't it feel early for Easter? We haven't even put the clocks forwards yet (here in the UK) and yet the week after next it's Easter.

Eighthly, I'm all out of things to say but thought that Eighthly was a fun word. My spelling corrector (red squiggly line) is trying to suggest seventeen instead of seventhly. If I had 17 things to tell you, this would be so long you'd have fallen asleep by now! Maybe you already have ;)

Oh, ninethly, watch out, I've been pattern testing again!

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  1. I've award you a blog Award!! come and over and claim it -

    Natasha @

  2. How can you leave us without a 'tenthly'??? It just feels so awkward (great word for hangman, by the way), so I'll say, 'TENTHLY,' I'm glad to see you have such a positive attitude about your new house. LOL And all the houses in our area have a basement. Besides, where would you put all your home-canned produce and freezer and root vegetables and soap oils if you didn't have a basement! :-)

  3. Congratulations on your first home!! Will you miss your stone wall?
    (Maybe Dusband can build you one to hang your purses on , if it doesn't have one!!)
    hugs!! susie

  4. My covert Robin swap partner also didn't have any details re blog or pinterest. I also googled her and cross referenced it to her suburb, fining her facebook page with the list of her interests. Ooooo it looks owlly.
    Yeay you for deciding to tackle the binding bit. Your quilt really is lovely.
    Very happy to read lots of house posts.
    Congrats on all the pattern sales. :)
    Easter is quite early but not as early as it can be. It is my birthday on Easter Sunday. Rather not have my birthday on Christianity's focal day and entire reason for existing but at least it isn't the same date every year (like Christmas). It feels like the students have only just gone back and yet they are all doing end of term exams at the moment.

  5. Congrats on the house! Very exciting!

    Glad the pattern is selling well.. and I think you should share the covert robin gift!

  6. sorry, what was that? I feel asleep... ;0)

    Congrats on the house! So exciting. As for the boiler - one word - INSURANCE. It has saved us an absolute fortune as our boiler breaks down roughly 4 times a year... the little man comes out for free and fixes it, for free.

    I'm using Feedly, give that a go. It imported my blogs in about 3 seconds. It' not as good as GR, but it does.

    Glad to hear you told the binder-woman what for, let us know what she said.

    yes, show us what you made for the Covert Robin! If people don't blog, they shouldn't be joining in!

  7. congrats on the house! I switched to feedly and have really liked it so far. It imported my stuff instantly and it's been working like a charm. There have been a couple posts here and there that take awhile to show up, but I love the layout and find it very easy to use.

  8. :( New to your blog, courtesy Covert Robin. I'm not your partner, though. I somewhat blog and I'm very active on FB. LOL!

    I got one like you tho, who doesn't appear to actually have a computer. LOL! My CR lady was able to point me to a pinterest... so I'm thinking to make something she's pinned.

    Nice to meet you. :) Will be reading more of your blogs to get to know you.



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