I promise I tidied them!


Whilst we're in the midst of paint, rollers and dust (Dus is in the dusty bit, he's creating the dust, me, I'm trying to clear up the dust!) I thought I should show you some of the organising projects I've done this year that are soon to be un-done!

Before they become obsolete and I have to organise all over again in the new house (pictures coming soon, I promise).

Remember when I re-ordered my books into rainbow colour? Well they'd gotten a bit out of hand and Dus and I decided to tidy and organise them before we had to start packing. I always find that if I organise first then I usually get rid of a few boxes of junk and don't have to move it to the new house.

Before :

We went through and picked out everything to donate to charity, some things to throw away and those things that shouldn't live on these shelves and put everything else back neatly.

After: (well, after tidying but before packing)

 The books on their sides are the ones that I think I might want to give to charity but am not sure about so will have to have another read to check. Suffice it to say most of these I read the first chapter and thought, I can't be bothered with this, get rid!

And because it took me so long to blog about this (well, two weeks), Dus has swept through the room in a whirlwind of packing boxes and this is what the bookcases look like now. As in RIGHT NOW!

Sad isn't it. :( I would pack the rest but boxes are in short supply and we have to move some junk stuff important possessions into the new house to empty the boxes and re-use them. Lucky we've got a long time to move and it's only down the road and round the corner and down the next road.

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  1. isn't it fun to get rid of stuff:) and not fun to move?
    I like the look of books arranged by colour. Most of our remaining books are topic specific and I try to keep each topic all together but it isn't very attractive.


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