I'm the kinda gal who goes a little crazy, buys a crockery set and then realises she's already got a perfectly good, nice crockery set.

Please tell me this is normal?

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  1. "Normal" is relative. I have at least 6 sets of china and about 200 pieces of white English ironstone. I rotate my china every few months. I love, love china. (No one has ever called me normal and I am ok with that!)

  2. Normal is highly overrated. Those are beautiful dishes and you never know if all the neighbors are going to stop in at once. :-)

    Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

  3. That is not normal. LOLLLLL Not for me anyway. I bought a beautiful china set nearly 20 years ago that I keep for special occasions and wouldn't dream of buying another to replace it. It would be like adopting kids and pushing my own to one corner. LOLLLLL

  4. Who wants to be normal...we all have something we "collect"!!! LOL I've got a beautiful phalztgraph set but I love blue and white so I have "aquired" numerous blue and white dishes to keep the "fairies" happy!!

  5. I am the wrong person to give any idea of 'normal'. My standard answer is "normal is so wide you could drive a truck through it."
    I think i am the opposite with dinner sets; own one dinner set. When buying china I buy one simple (usually on sale) pattern but buy about 4 sets of it. My current plain white set was on sale for $15 each = $60 score. That way I don't cry so much as pieces inevitably get broken. Our current set started out with 16 of everything, we are now down to 11 dinner plates, 9 bowls, and 14 bread and butter plates - guess which we use (and break) the most. That doesn't count the number of chips on the pieces. I have had this set now for just over four years. I suspect that buying a thin, cheap set may have been a mistake as we are going through this set way quicker than our previous chunky set. The old one was "stonewear" it was white with a pretty little floral motif and it lasted about 12 years during the girls childhoods. I also started out with 4 sets of four with that one. They are every day sets. I have never had a good set - maybe one day.

  6. Wait, you mean the dishes are all supposed to match? Where's the fun in that?

  7. our world, this is very normal. LOL I totally understand where you're coming from!!

  8. I love dishes! I just wish that I had more storage space so that I could have more of them! I always see all these cute dishes at the thrift store, but my cabinets are already full and I can't buy anymore. The 'good' news that several have broken recently, which means I can buy some replacements :)


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