I'm getting taller!!


Actually, I don't think I am, I think it's that Dorothy Perkins' petite jeans shrink in the wash. Fortunately they were a tad big on my waist so now they're only a tad tight in the waist...but length, aye carumba, I was swinging those hems whenever I walked and it was most distracting. Especially because I don't really wear black socks. Life's too short for boring socks, right?

Here's my before photo. I brightened it massively so you wouldn't have to see my naked feet. It's only as I was editing this photo I realised how ugly feet are!

They've got a boot cut shape to them so they're kinda too short really. I unpicked the hems fully, then unfolded them. Hems on jeans are folded twice. I stitched bias tape to the very bottom edge of the hems, folded them up and restitched them so now they're only folded once. It's exactly the same as when I hemmed my tea dress with bias tape. I used grey tape this time though, but you can't see it at all.

I put socks on for the afters to save your poor eyes from my naked feet. I didn't vacuum though.

If one thing's for certain, we are NOT having carpet in our office in the new house. It barely stays thread/fluff free for longer than a few hours when I'm sewing!

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  1. Aggh, shrinking jeans! Good job you know how to deal with them lol
    Are those sheep on your socks?

  2. Welcome to my world of not-quite-long-enough jeans. I hate it that many pants are too short on me. Just as well I now sew most of my pants. I'm 175cm (5'10") tall.
    Now you jeans are just right :). and cute socks too.

  3. I just love "Flood Pants" ...it reminds me of being a teenager...LOL

  4. Especially because I don't really wear Skoinlägg black socks. Life's too short for boring socks, right?


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