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So we've discussed my covert robin partner before and I gave you a sneak peek. I figured you weren't too bothered about seeing it though because I only had a few comments asking to see it. Now the link up has gone live though I'll reveal all.

I couldn't find a blog or pinterest for my swap partner so handed her information over to my sister Liz. She is to search engines what the Doctor is to time. She manipulates information so powerfully that within minutes, she can find out anything, if it's there to find.

She found nothing. No, that's a lie. She found something, but no blog and no pinterest. She did inform me that my partner seems to like owls.

For Christmas, my sister Lizzie (who does craft fairs with me so Dus doesn't have to) made some cute owl wrist warmers for my step sister Fawn and I immediately wished I knew how to crochet so I could make some for my partner. Fortunately, due to a complicated hand made items bartering system (that I still can't understand) Liz worked out how to make some for me in exchange for me doing something..I can't remember what, I'm sure she'll remind me!

She says I sewed the buttons on in the wrong places but I think that's where their eyes should be. I used cat's eye yellow buttons (from stash) because I didn't have any owl eye buttons. I took a photo with one upside down so you can have a look.

And then, because I thought it was cheating somewhat to send something I personally hadn't made, I made her a scrappy owl cushion too. I'll have the tutorial for this cushion soon as I've moved and unpacked my sewing stuff! I meant to take photos as I went but forgot a few vital ones!

A close up of this cutie. I've never done appliqué before but my friend Helen had assured me it wasn't too hard, I just needed to zig zag over the edges.

I used buttons on top of buttons for his eyes and ric rac for his feathery belly.

3 wooden buttons on the back to secure the olive green ticking.

Everything for the pillow came from my stash cupboard, pillow form, fabric, buttons and trim. The ticking came from regular stash and everything else from my scraps basket.

My partner emailed me on Monday to say that she'd received her package and loves both of the items (phew!). I'm really pleased that she does, it's awful when you join a swap and you're not fussed on what you receive when you've put a lot of time and effort in!

And...because I was just itching to make another, I may have made one in turquoise and reds for someone who had a birthday recently. :)

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  1. Oh you did very well for not having much to go on..Your gifts a beautiful !!! A tutorial/pattern for both of these would be super!! My "robin" should get hers today...nail biting !!!

  2. Lovely gifts! Both are great, don't know which I like better! I like owls too.. I made an owl gift box for my assignee as I think she does too.. but my son took it for show and tell and ruined it.. :P

  3. These are lovely gifts! Your pillow is really cute!
    I had no doubt you would've found buttons in your stash for his eyes! lol
    (Keep searching.... at the very bottom you may find Owl Eyes buttons.)
    I am glad she loves her gifts!

  4. The cushion is totally cute! The gloves are sweet too, I envy anyone who can crochet!

  5. That red and teal one would be ME! eeeeeeeeee Thank you soooooooo much. I am delighted and got some complements on my cute new cushion today.
    Such great gifts for your covert Robin. I hope she liked them as much as I like mine. Your sister is a talented too.

  6. Oh WOW! I LOVE this pillow! You really did a great job on your projects! And for never doing applique before, you did amazing!!

  7. now now missy, we didn't ask you to show us as you told us it was a secret! Though I think I did, because I did see it! It's fab! she's a very lucky partner.

  8. Thank you for the compliments :)

    For interested crocheters, the handwarmers are based on the Owl Mitts Pattern by Erika Ward, available via Ravelry:


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