The Kindness of Fluffy Sheep


Waaaaaay, waaaaay, waaaaaay back in January, I won a giveaway on Charm About You blog. Wohoo!!

It was a gift card for the Fluffy Sheep Quilting shop!! I was so shocked, I NEVER win any giveaways and I'd only entered because Lucy from Charm about You is based in the UK and Fluffy Sheep is only in Ireland. A mere hop and a jump for the prize to be delivered to me.

I chose only two fabrics although I could have had countless fat quarters. I decided to get a meter each of Purple Filigree and Kona Magenta. They go together ok, but I wish that quilting sites had suggested plains to go with patterned fabrics. I guess it would take too long to do and would always have to change, but I've yet to come across a site with this feature. (You can use that if you own a quilting fabric site, I won't charge royalties!)

Designed by Kate Spain as part of the Serenade collection for Moda Fabrics. 

I loved the Fluffy Sheep site, it was really easy to navigate and if you choose to view fabrics priced low - high then all of the fabrics that are coming are priced £0 and really easy for you to see what's coming. Like a little sneak peek, handily at the start to entice you to come back and buy enough fabric to fill up your brand new massive office (that might just be me).

I would like to see a search box added to the site but that's because I'm a lazy shopper!

I had intended to use these to make a nappy bag but that's not going to happen this year anymore so for now they've joined my stash and we'll have to see what we can concoct from them when I've stopped being covered in paint!

Thank you Lucy & Fluffy Sheep quilting, you're really very kind xx

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  1. Cute Fabric. Congrats on winning it... nice way to sneak something into the stash too ;-) I am sure it will turn into something fun at some stage, maybe after the paint fumes settle.

  2. I know now what it feels when you win a giveaway! Congratulations for winning, I love the fabric!
    I wanted to tell you that I blogged about the giveaway in which I won your pattern to make "The Satchel Bag". Is now on my list of projects to do, as I do this bag I'll let you know! Thanks again for the pattern, I love it!
    I am already a follower of you with GFC,now I added your name to my google+. I hope that you will visite my blog and I will be happy if you decide to follow me !!!
    Marisa from


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