March Re-cap - I'm so late!!


We're already a week into April and I didn't recap my to do list! I can only blame it on first house purchase excitement. As if I haven't 'first house purchase' name dropped enough this last week!

*Buy a house - Done! (Yes, I promise I will show you pics one day)
*Write everyone's birthdays onto our calendar and send them a birthday card! (I am awful at this, such a simple, easy thing!) -Still going strong! Doreen from church is having hers two weeks late..oops! At least she is having one though!
*Eat at the dinner table once a week and converse with Dusband rather than watching the telly every night - Nope, my excuse is non existent, maybe I should change it to once a month!
*Resume reading my Bible over breakfast rather than randomly - No, I'm still on the randoms!
*Stop wasting so much time on Pinterest! -I do find myself using it to view my own boards more now to keep track of things I want to buy/make/sew/do so that's better.

*Scan the family's photos onto the computer. Yes, all 4000(approx) of them - Three album down, 25 ish to go!

*Stashbust a huge amount of fabric - Made a couple of Satchel bags, two owl pillows, Granny Knickers bag, lavender sachets, the Massovional, and possibly some other things that I can't remember!

*Cut down on paper clutter - I switched our bank accounts back to paper billing for ID purposes (for the mortgage) and keep forgetting to swap back. We're in the process of receiving our home insurance, life insurance and utility bills at the moment for the new house but hopefully once that settles down we'll be able to keep it at a rolling boil!
*Clear out old DVDs - Done.
*Clear out old books - Done. 
*Organise Christmas decs & wrapping - Done
*Sort out regular wrapping & cards - Done with above
*Start packing - Ha! Yeah....Because we're going down to the new house pretty much every day we're just chucking stuff in the car and unloading it the other end. It's the most disorganised move I've ever done and I am dreading once we're actually moved in and having to sort through it all. Hopefully by the time we move (next weekend), we'll only have big stuff to move in the van. 

*Write two patterns for freebie blog posts - One down, one to go - (I do actually have a couple written but forgot to take photos so they'll have to wait til the new 'studio' is ready for working in)
*Write three new bag patterns for sale (eek!) - released the Satchel bag.
*Make two blouses for Liz (that she asked me for in September) - Not yet
*Shorten white blouse -Yes, I was going to blog about it but really, it's just a white blouse that's shorter now than it was before.
*Patchwork upholstery - Nope
*Get my pj quilt quilted!!! - It came back, you were all shocked at the mitered corners so it's going back to have the binding re-done. 
*Have serger serviced and change knives -Changed the knives but waiting for a service til I go near them as it's a long way for a special trip 
*Clear out old stock/samples - 50p sale for my old stock, not much left now. 
* Shorten neck on my 'perfect housewife apron' (New goal) - Done, blogged about.
*Make Pamela (church treasurer) a document wallet that she asked for - Done....urm I forgot to photo it, I'll try to this weekend!
*Make some lavender bags using lavender from the garden - Done, blogged about
*Fix black macramé bag - Done and sent to the charidee shop
*Make a thread catcher - Not yet
*Curtains for the basement dining room

Crafty bits & Business:
*Re-do Liz's two small chairs - Done
*Sand drawer fronts and paint - Done (my grey drawers)
*Photograph and list new triglides - Done and I showed you how I prepare them for sale

*Try one new recipe a month and blog about it - FAIL, Still nothing.
*Eat less chocolate (This is a biggie but if I don't want to end up with diabetes I need to do something drastic soon!) - No....if anything I'm eating more!
*Eat more nuts - No nuts this month yet.
*Stock the freezer with 'ready meals' ready for when youth group starts up again and we're not eating til 9pm. - We bought a new big freezer, it was delivered yesterday but it's not out of it's packaging yet, let alone anything made to go in it.

*Ha ha! Yeah, maybe next year..... - Still no exercise done except my chopsing.

*Buy a new bed for our bedroom
*Restain the spare bed
*Recover the blanket box
*Sand and paint the bedside tables for our bedroom
*Make curtains for our bedroom
*Recover armchair
*Recover sofa
*Paint or stain the living room table
*Buy a dresser or sideboard for the dining room

I'm not adding on all the painting that we're STILL in the middle of doing. It's making me wonder why we started. We did one room, then that had a wall that led into the next room so we did that one, then the next room looked awful so we did that room and now we're painting almost all of the rooms. There's only two rooms we're not painting in this wave of decorating! I'm sure they'll get a coat at some point. :)

Next week is going to be new house week so if you're really not that fussed on seeing it, take a week off and see you the week after!

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  1. You're being productive! Your new category for house is full of exciting things, too ^_^ Though I have to admit that when I first read 'restain the spare bed' I had a mental image of you throwing ribena at it and thought 'whaaat?' lol

  2. Well, if that doesn't make me feel lazy...
    Buying a house would have been good enough for me! Let me know when you get the freezer hooked up though. I have quite a few recipes to share. Oh, and you've got to start eating chocolate with nuts in it. Then you get to check off the nuts and we can pretend that some chocolate is displaced so you are technically eating less chocolate. Makes sense right?

  3. Wow, what a list! But it is a great one! And what's important is that you are making progress, so you go girl!! Can't wait to see your new house!

  4. oooow you have been such a busy girl, you're so productive, it's just scary but definitely cool. And do I see a whole new pile of post material there at the bottom of the list?
    I am going to visit my parents in the land of limited internet next week. I will be able to read your posts on my phone (if I stand on the footpath out the front and hold my head on the right angle whilst hoping on one foot and whistling Dixie) but read them I will... commenting may not be so simple due to the head angle, hopping and whistling - I'm just not that good. ;-)


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