What I wore Sunday


It may have been a LONG time since I did a WIWS post but for some reason, I went crazy today and got Dusband to take a photo of me in front of The Wall before we move out (next weekend).

I took my cardi off to preach today, it was really warm in church which is unusual!

I would like to point out a few dressing mistakes I've made with this outfit seeing as you never really notice these until you take photos to post on your blog!
1) The cardigan is too long for my short stature
2) The top ends right on the widest part of my hips
3) The boots make my legs look shorter
5) Yes, it was cold, about 7 degrees C (44F) which is around 7 degrees warmer than it has been recently so I can't complain much!

Apparently mobile phone pics don't like being cropped and zoomed!

6) What do you all think of dangly earrings with short hair? I think it makes me look a bit too new age hippyish but I feel like I need something more exciting than studs so I wore small danglies today. They're peridot hearts, I love the colour.

Ok, so what do you think?

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  1. I think your outfit looks adorable, and I never would have noticed those "mistakes"! I wish I could wear your same haircut. The earrings look adorable and they are dainty enough to match your hair :)

  2. It looks cute! I don't see anything wrong with your ensemble at all ^_^ The earrings are fabulous, I think danglies are fun!

  3. You look cute no matter what you wear. I suppose you'll have another wall where you're moving to after all you are in Wales.

  4. weeee a WIWS post at last.
    love the top, it is a fine length for you - it wouldn't work if it was about 3" longer though as that would cut you in the wrong spot. your'e right about the cardigan length being too long for your frame though. If boots are the same colour as pants they don't make your legs look shorter and they are close enough ;). LOVE those ear rings and your hair cut. I love dangly earrings and almost exclusively wear them. They look good on you.

  5. PS love your glasses too.


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