Ty Hussey {Basement}


Ty = house in Welsh. Like Chez, but less French.

So, the new house. Unusually for the UK it's got a basement....a liveable basement! I've always wanted a basement...eeeeeee!!!!

You enter the house on the ground floor straight from the street, then descend a level to the basement and at the end is the garden. But here's the odd bit, you're STILL above the garden, even in the basement level. I guess it's because it's built into the hillside but it messes with your mind!

So, as you enter the basement from the stairs leading from the ground floor living room.

View from the stairs still

Great look to the stairs, but like many things in this house, poorly executed. They either need blocking in and carpeting or sanding right back and doing again. I'm not keen on open stair backs anyway, I'm not sure they'll be safe if we have children.

Through the window you can see the lean-to utility room and loo (behind that door at the end) and through the arch is the kitchen.

Standing in the middle of the kitchen looking out into the dining room and then garden beyond.

Standing in the dining room looking back through the kitchen then sitting room.

The kitchen also has a window looking into the utility room. 

The size of that oven made my heart beat super fast. It MAY have been one of the main positives for this house when we were viewing!

You can see a sneak peek of the sort of look we were thinking about in this basement room but unfortunately we've had to choose a different granny bedroom wallpaper as this one has got a shockingly bad reputation for shrinkage and so we're back to the drawing board.

Tomorrow we'll go up a floor to the ground floor (from the front) or first floor (from the back)!

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  1. Blimey, some great space (okay, there is a lack of furniture, but you get the idea). Take blank canvas + Yourself = a stylish, warm, homely ... er ... home.
    Seriously though, congratulations to the two of you again. *long ponderous sigh* Just need to get everything moved in, sorted and tidied ... easy, eh? ;0)


  2. It's gorgeous Samantha. Loads of space and I love how the kitchen is in the middle. Easy access to both dining room and sitting room. Congratulations.

  3. Ok, so I admit I was laughing at you a little when I read this. My bedroom was in the basement growing up, and most of the houses in our area are built with the basements being ground level at the back of the house. Having that extra light is so much nicer than the dark underground pit I guess you were imagining. :D

    Now...Congratulations! You're space already has so much character that I can't wait to see how you decorate it!
    1. That is one awesome oven! I'm very jealous.
    2. The light/dark coloring of the stairs is pretty neat even if the open steps are a bit scary to have indoors.
    3. Is your kitchen window giving you a great view of another wall?
    4. This may be dumb, but where's the fridge? Is it that super tall cabinet in the corner? because that looks like a pantry to me.
    5. I also love the ceiling!
    6. The cat door is a nice touch for the woman who hates pet hair. You should definitely keep it. ;D
    Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Love it! And I really like that archway.
    And are you saying that Ty sounds like chez? I think Welsh is about the most foreign foreign language I've heard. And yet I love it!
    I like that your kitchen opens onto the dining room that looks out onto the patio!

  5. Awesome place Samantha! Congratulations... have fun making it your own.. :)

  6. Just found your blog from Etsy, I love your new house! We're going to be looking in a year or so's time in Wales and I hope we find something as lovely as this.


  7. What a lovely new space you have! :D It looks so fresh and nice!

  8. "Ty = house in Welsh. Like Chez, but less French" - you crack me up!
    Love the basement. If I am understanding right it means the main living areas is at basement level.
    Utilities room = laundry? Most houses in Australia have a separate laundry, is this the case in the UK too?
    LOVE that oven, I can see why it may make you swoon.
    nice view out over the yard too.
    The stairs look good in the pic. closing in the backs of each step may be a good idea for when you do have kiddos. there are so many cool ideas for stairs on pinterest and you have a cool blank canvas.
    You are soooooo going to get lots of exercise on those stairs (you can sell the Stair Master now :P )

  9. wow, it's incredible, I love it!


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