Ty Hussey {Living room & Office}


Back to the new house again today, we're pretending that we came in the front door, through the small hall (which I forgot to photograph) and into the living room!

Standing in front of the front window with office directly in front through the double doors, basement down the stairs to the right, bedrooms up the stairs to the right. Front door is to the right immediately from here.

On the left wall is three alcoves all with halogen lights in.

Clutter (model's own)

Looking back into the living room from the office double doors
The office (through the double doors) used to be a second reception room and the seller used it with a pool table in. It had some crazy large rounded steps as you go in and the floor was carpeted. We got a bit too keen and pulled the carpet up before I got a chance to take the photos.

I think those stairs are slightly reminiscent of casino stairs. They came out quite far into the room too.

View from the office window. 

Forestry commission land, completely protected. 

There's a small river at the bottom of the valley there, I've marked it on the next photo.

Told you I'd marked the river :)
 I think we should cut the pretence now and stop calling the office an office and start calling it a sewing studio with a web developer's desk in the corner :)

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  1. Looking good! And yes much prefer second description of the far room! :-)

  2. Oh wow you have soooo much space and wow look at that view!
    We're in Cardiff and the view I get from our windows is of the flat opposite.
    That sewing room is going to be full of creative inspiration.

  3. I love your new home. In fact I'm green with envy and what a view. Do I see a bit of a welsh stone wall in the last two photos. LOL As you described the 'office' I thought no way that has to be a sewing room. Dus can use another room, after all there's plenty of room. LOLL

  4. I can't wait to visit I am soooooo looking forward to seeing your new home so I can do all the mummy things like wash up. well if Dus lets me. I am so proud of you both. Ma

  5. Your new house is awesome, Samantha! That view is amazing!

  6. I'm loving all the little built in alcoves, and that's a pretty awesome view you've got there in your Sewing Studio! *super jealous*

  7. How exciting! Super awsome house Samantha! LOVE those stairs....I have always wanted a house that had an upstairs! Goes without saying - FABULOUS sewing studio! Love those double doors......such character!! Oh and the alcoves ars such a great feature too! Have FUN making your house a home! :)
    - ChrisW Designs

  8. Great view and not likely to ever get built upon either.
    What is the purpose of all the alcoves? Are they former windows? and what do you do with them? Are they for storage? or display? of for causing problems? are they something that could be built in for cupboards?
    Umm I don't remember seeing a loo downstairs or on this level... does that mean there is only one loo and it is on the top level? Ahhhh hope you have good muscles (or you soon will) ;)
    I am thoroughly enjoying seeing your new home - you must be suitably proud of it.


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