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You saw the staircase in the first couple of posts but here are some closer pics of the staircase. They're open back, white sides, stained pine tops and black wrought iron railings.

At the moment, sound echoes throughout the entire house, through all three floors. You can be in the basement and hear things in the bedroom floor and vice versa. When someone's going up or down the staircase you have no idea which staircase they're on and which direction they're going. The living room is nice and open because of the stairwells being open.

I'd love to know your opinion on these stairs. Do you think the open backs are safe/unsafe? Do you like the metal railings? As they are, a different colour? Would you carpet the stairs? Block the staircase in? Would you put a fire block in by blocking the stair backs/railings in? Or leave them as they are, just tidy them up?

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  1. Personally, I've never really liked open-back stairs - mainly because I have this extreme vision of one-day slipping and one of my legs going through the opening, snapping it orf at the knee. Yup, a slightly over-the-top reason to dislike, but hey.
    So, in a long-winded way: No, I'd fill them in.

    Can't say I'm too keen on the railings either. But, this maybe due to their colour? A lighter tone may help. You could - as a short term solution, block them in with tongue & groove and perhaps give it a light colour/lime wash.

    Again though, some good space there.


  2. Beautiful, and I'd definitely put in risers (the part that belongs on the back). So much safer.

  3. I love the railing on the downward staircase, I'm not a fan of the one that's stopping your falling down the second.
    I think I would leave the railing for the banisters, but block in behind the stairs to give myself a lovely cupboard for hoovers and cleaning things.

    I am loving seeing your new house though, I've even brought the other half in today to have a look.

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  4. I love the black iron railings! Only change i'd make is to change the landing step (3rd step up, large one) from carpet to wood to match the other steps and then i'd paint the bottom part(risers)of the bottom 2 steps white instead of the dark wood so they give the illusion of being open like the rest of the steps going up, but leave the top parts (treads) in the stained wood.

    If you have a small child or plan on having a child, then i'd block off the backs of the steps (risers) and paint them white, but leave the tops (treads) stained wood.

    Best wishes!

  5. I'd rip out the carpets upstairs and as for the iron railing. I like it but would remove it for one reason only.... You'll be forever dusting it. All those twists and turns are begging to have dust settle on them. Beautiful house and it's going to look great when all your stuff is moved in.

  6. I love the dark iron on them!! But as Maria said, I never thought of the dusting factor! haha You have great bones in that house to work with though!

  7. I have black wrought iron railings with oak and love them! They are not anymore dusty than oak railings, it would depend on how dusty your house gets. Our house gets a lot of dust, but the railings are not the dustiest thing w have. I also have carpet (beige) on my stairs and wish I had wood. With three men and a day, not to mention my long hair, the carpet tends to get dirty fast. I would also put backs on the stairs, especially if you ever have a boy. My son use to get his head caught on stair railings before we had stairs so I could only imagine what could happen with those. Hope this helps :)

  8. I love the iron railings, they look like they belong in a lovely house in the med, rather than a lovely house in Wales! I think they're a really nice feature :)
    Stairs like that used to really freak me out, and I'm still careful with using them. Ever since I was a child I've had visions of falling through the gaps lol

  9. This is my third attempt at comments. Terrible connection. love the stairs. close in the backs for safety and reduce echoing. furniture will help too, but it is a three storey cavern in the stair well. love the iron rails hate dusting though... dust new fashion? Keeping the lovely stair treads will make cleaning easier. hate vacuuming stairs.

  10. I love the iron railings.....probably I would like them to be white BUT then I am also good at giving myself extra work CLEANING......I think I would close in the backs of the stairs though, even though I had girls and not boys, I can picture them both with their heads stuck! LOL Carpeted stairs might be less noisy and less slippery? But then I don't know as I don't have stairs! BOO HOO! Christine
    - ChrisW Designs

  11. your house is just lush, I love the wrought iron details on the staircase, but I'm afraid I won't be able to come to stay. I have an irrational fear of open backed stairs. you'll have to sort that out if you want me to come and live with you and Dus (and you do, I know you do).

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