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Final stop on our whistlestop new house tour is the top floor, we brits call it a first floor but I'm thinking those in the US would call it the second floor as you count the ground floor as the first floor? I've confused myself again, I'm so good at that!

Anyway, starting at the back of the house, here's the guest bedroom.

Magnolia walls, dark brown carpet. The view from the window is of the mountain so that's a treat for guests! This is a great blank canvas for my plans *Steeples fingers* Oh, my plans!

Next to this bedroom is the bathroom, (cue bathroom photos...wait, I'll have to go resize some, hang on)

The bathroom looks super shiny and lovely and clean in these photos, but the reality is far from clean...it's grubby, grubby, grubby! Thank goodness I've got a steam cleaner!

The shower cubicle in particular is REALLY GRIMY! *shudder*

Then back in the original part of the house there's the small spare bedroom, it's got the boiler cupboard in. It's fairly bland and neutral.

And finally the main bedroom which is the width of the front of the house.

Brown, brown, brown, brown.

 LOOK AT THOSE CUPBOARDS!!!!! 8 drawers! 4 hanging rails, two full length sets of shelves!

So that's it, the whole house (bar the attic which we hadn't ventured up into at this point), I can't wait to show you how different it looks with a few tins of paint and a bit of a steam clean!!

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  1. Love the upboards wont take you long to fill them x

  2. Love the upboards wont take you long to fill them x

  3. I love the new house...you are going to be sooooo happy there ( once its all painted, cleaned & you have unpacked !)
    Enjoy the journey ! ...it gets better ! :-)

  4. I love the whole house. Just wondering what the space behind (above) the bath tub is. You have loads of space to pick and choose where you want your sewing room to go. HEY DUS Samantha is planning on taking the office for her room. LOLL

  5. Aw I love the house and the alcove behind the bath is fab. Will you put smellies there, or a plant, or something else?
    I love how bright and airy the whole place is, even with brown walls and carpets.
    Fabridashery - fabric, haberdashery & craft supplies

  6. Oh my goodness! I just caught up reading all the posts on your new home. It's BEAUTIFUL! And the view...oh my...I am in heaven! I thought my view here in the USA out of my sewing room was gorgeous, but yours....WOW!! I am so happy for you!

  7. I think it looks great even before the cleaning and paint. And look at all that storage! I love the radiators used in Britain. Some friends of ours had their radiator with the pipes going horizontally, and they hung their wet bath towels on it. Cool, huh! (well, actually, warm and nice)

    I like your house!

  8. you didn't say which is my room? Can I have the one with the wardrobes?

  9. I can't wait to see it once you have re-painted! That is my favourite part......choosing paint colours and boy....what a difference it can make to the look of a room! We are currently re-painting my daughters bedroom....She has chosen the colours which are grey walls and 2 apple green walls (Granny smith apple green - not sure if you have granny smiths there? LOL) ...white trim....maybe it doesn't sound very nice BUT I must admit I love it so far! Christine
    - ChrisW Designs

  10. Wow those terrace houses are narrow! I had no idea. I am really looking forward to seeing all your creative touches as you Smaanthaify... Samify... Husseyify... DusSamify (ah that's better) the house into your home. Eeeeee - how special is that?!
    That bathroom will be great once scrubbed. I am in love with all those deep window sills. It must be due to very thick walls. All our walls are thin - some of the internal walls are only a single layer of timber and even the double walls have old timber on the outside and asbestos laden fibre on the inside making them about 8-10cm thick at the very most - no insulation.


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