Painting, cleaning, all that jazz!


So we've had the keys for a couple of weeks and we've spent it wisely, cleaning, painting, pulling the house apart, shopping for stuff :)

*A quick disclaimer, I'm not featured in any of these photos, it looks like Dus is the only one doing any work in the house, that's not true! He's just rubbish at remembering to take photos and so I take them!*

Giant office steps are no match for a man and his power tools!

What do you mean you wanted a warning that I'm posting photos featuring Dus' derrière?

Nice and just to rebuild them so I can actually get into the office without taking a leap!

Dus cutting in the white in the dining room where I'd done the rest but am no match for DuSteadyHand. (See what I did there? Turned Dus into Dus steady hand!)

Hob before

Oven before (there's no after because I forgot!)

Hob after

So shiny you can see the power lead of the steamer in the reflection of the oven door!
 You know how sometimes you're painting and then parts of the wall just start flaking off? And it's best to pick off what you can before painting over it? Yeah, that's what happened to me too.

This gives you a nice sneak peek of the pale green we've used in the basement dining room and sitting room on a couple of the walls.

Dus cutting in the grey in the living room. I've since realised that you should do the painting and cutting in while it's all wet otherwise dry cutting in will show up when you do the main section. Oh well, no one will notice (Except you, pretend you don't notice when I show you those pics)

As it stands we've got another coat of white to do in the stairwells, one wall in the basement, one radiator in the basement and something (not sure what) in the alcoves in the basement where we've had the windows into the utility room blocked up.

I'll show you those pics as we come to it but we're moving tomorrow....eek!

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  1. At least Dus's derrière was well covered up. Nothing worse than a bit showing out the top of trousers. LOLLLL It's all so exciting I feel as if I'm moving with you. Care to rent me one of the bedrooms. LOL

  2. I have visited your blog for the first time and found it a well organized blog.

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  4. Been there, done that, SEVERAL times. :-) Love the 'after' pic of the stove. And that is a beautiful kitchen!

  5. I am so impressed that Dus is painting without drop cloths on the floor. When I paint, I get paint on everything.

  6. I was fearful we'd have builders bottoms, but nope well clothed :) and what great paintwork.
    I hope the move goes well tomorrow, I think you're going to have a lovely jubbly time in your new home. Fingers crossed the Welsh weather stays fine too
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  7. All the best for the move. we know that you areim there working hard... did seems to paint without getting any on himself.

  8. I've really been enjoying seeing the photos of the house and all of the things that you are doing, too! I can't wait to see all of the finished photos :)


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