What I wore Sunday #33 {And covert robin gift}


The last numbered What I wore post was last May. Awful, nearly a whole year...oh well, what's nearly a year between friends eh?

Yesterday I played it safe because a) I was destroyed from moving the day before, b) I was half asleep still when I chose my clothes because we had to return our hire van before 9am (ON A SUNDAY!), and c) I feel bored of my wardrobe and really need to have a good sort out.

Here's my outfit, Tweed converse hi-tops, skinny jeans (yes, the same as last week...original, huh?), white long sleeve top and a chocolate brown cardi. I wondered if I'd be cold at church (I'm often cold) but our heating system seems to have miraculously boinged into wonderful heat and I was just right although many others were a bit too warm. I didn't complain, that's for sure!

I suspect Dus caught me in the middle of my issuing instructions to get my feet into the pic too!
 But I felt it was a bit boring so I grabbed a scarf....but not just any scarf, oh no, wait til you see this. It's the softest scarf in the world and the colour is divine. I love it totally, truly, be still my heart-ly! Also, handmade scarves are often too short or too long. This one is too perfect!

The thing about this scarf is, that I've actually had it just over a week....it came from my covert robin partner. I'm really sorry for not blogging about it sooner, I kept putting it off to do house-stuff but I can't contain it any longer!

Remember when I did the sweet pouch swap and my partner was Sarah from PhotoSarah ? (Why is it when you write words too much they look wrong? Sarah looks like it's spelt wrong but I know it's not...I checked!)

Anyway, some craziness went on with the covert robin allocation and as luck would have it, she was my partner!! Sarah said she thought about emailing back to change partners but decided not to and I am so pleased she didn't!

I was waiting on my covert robin to arrive, but I'd put it into the back of my mind because post can take a while to get here from outside the UK and one day Dus answered the door and came back and said, there's a parcel here for you from Sarah ****** (Surname blanked for protection of Sarah against crazies who want her to make them things that she made me). That moment he read her name, I couldn't help but laugh, I knew instantly then that she was my covert robin partner. SHE IS SUPER GOOD AT KEEPING SECRETS!!

I read her blog and have been emailing her regularly since the sweet pouch swap and she never for a minute let on that I was her partner, good work Sarah!

Anyway, I was thoroughly spoiled, I'll show you all what I got.

Once again, mid conversation
I got this gorgeous half apron that Sarah made for me from a vintage 70's pattern. She even bought the fabric new, specially for the apron! I'm completely and totally honoured.

I love this apron, and I'm so thankful for it. I have been thinking for, oh, about two years now that I really should get around to making a little half apron with a big pocket for my pegs so that when I go to hang clothes on the line I can grab them a bit easier and not have to bend down for every item and ta-da, now I don't have to! Without her ever knowing I had this need, Sarah's met it!

WARNING - photo of my rear coming up!

Here's the back of the apron, it's got lovely long ties for a bow on the back. If I was a 70's housewife those bow ties would be big and puffed up :)
Yes Wendy, I already know the comment you'll be leaving :)
 But that's not all, Sarah really, really, really spoiled me and included a gorgeous shell crochet hat in a lovely cornflower blue/lilac colour. It makes me feel like an early 20's society lady.

And it's so big it covers the back of my neck where I'm constantly getting cold (I know, the trouble with having short hair eh?)

But wait, there's MORE! Sarah also made me a mug cosy! I'm guessing mugs are bigger there because this was the only mug I could find for it to fit onto but that's ok, because it's MY mug!!

Super cheery!
And finally, Sarah included an earwarmer/headband. She must know about us girls with short hair getting cold ears & necks!

I know you're all jealous now, in fact, I'm jealous of myself I got so many lovely gifts! Thank you Sarah, I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into making my gifts for me, they'll be well used!

Please friends, pop over to Sarah's blog and check it out, I love it, it's fitted in nicely to my reading list, so I know you will too :)

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  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! You really hit the jackpot. Lucky you. :-) And I certainly love that green scarf. Lovely!

  2. Love your covert robin gifts! It was fun that you were surprised totally by getting Sarah as your giver! You need a huge feather with your lilac crocheted cap!


  3. Awesome gifts! and how cute are you modelling them.. :)

  4. I'm back from the land of (very) limited internet and madly trying to catch up on all the stuff I missed! Love it, how funny that of all the possible people you could have been paired with it was a new friend. and she sure did send lots of lovely treats your way. As a short-haired-feels-the-cold-person (it only has to drop a bit below 20 and I am 'freezing' - sad, I know) I can totally concur with you about the need for lots of wooly warmth.

  5. I feel so insulted that I was singled out in that manner. AS IF I would make a rude comment about yours, or anyone else's bottom. Trying so hard to keep it in I might just explode. Must. not. make. rude. comment. will. have. dignity...

  6. Yay! Everything looks great on you! The hat and headband looked a bit odd on me when I tried them on for sizing purposes, but they work well with your short hair.

    I was definitely tempted to post a thing or two, but since I knew you read my blog regularly (and I yours!) I didn't want to give anything away. So glad we've gotten to "meet" through our blogs this year!


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