The Linen & Lace Rosie bag


Also known locally as the 'reverse mullet' (business in the back, party in the front) and 'My grandmother's lacy knickers bag'. Dusband has yet to coin a nickname for this newest addition to our family (well, mine) but I'm sure he thinks it's just cuckoo.

Step 1) Take a perfectly good bag pattern and throw a ton of lacy trimmings onto it

Step 2) Add buttons for DECORATIVE purposes only

Step 3) Sew it all together

The front is constructed from a linen top, calico base and a ton of lacy trims and broderie edging. All from my stash. *Does the stashbusting dance*

The back is the plain linen and calico. I felt there was a limit to how much embellishment one Rosie bag can take!
I did stitch the diamond quilting that the Rosie pattern calls for, not even I am brave enough to ignore my own instructions!

I added some cotton crochet trim to my handles.

And she's lined with pale pink cotton with the obligatory zipped pocket & two patch pockets.

I will be honest with you, this bag has no fastening. The second I finished closing up the turning gap in the lining did I spot my magnetic snap, sat, ready to be inserted...still on the desk. Oh well, she's got more than enough buttons for one bag even if they're not useful.

I used my own Rosie Patchwork bag pattern but instead of the patchwork base, I used one piece of calico.

I've got some more photos from the construction for you, they'll be up tomorrow. I made it specially for competition purposes!

This is the bag I'm entering into the Sew-vivor auditions in the hope that the judges are so impressed with my de-stashing and frugal ways that they accidentally let me into the top ten :)

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  1. The lace, the linen, the buttons! I love it! Good luck on your entry - I'll be rooting for you!

  2. Oh THERE's the photo of the finished product. Love it, Samantha. It is a darling bag!

  3. I love the lace & kind if purse...
    Wait a minute...why didn't I test that far testing your own patterns!! LOL
    Love it!!

  4. In my opinion you can never have enough lace covered items in your wardrobe. Unfortunately my kids don't agree.

  5. This is beautiful! I love how your layered your laces , and the buttons just top it off right!
    I'd give you a vote for a winner bag!!


  6. This has got to be a winner. It's beautiful.

  7. aha! Well that answers my last question! It's fab, love it!

  8. Samantha, this is so pretty! I wish my sewing mind was as keen as yours!

  9. Samantha, this is so pretty! I wish my sewing mind was as keen as yours!


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