Their Satchel bags


Finally, Monday has arrived and I'm showing you the bags from my pattern testers! Hurrah!

My testers loved this pattern, some of them emailing me at 3am (my time) to tell me that they loved it! Thanks for that Susie....:)

Without further ado, here they are. Links to their blogs are below.

Leslie, from the American Sewing Guild in Salt Lake City made this adorable romantic version which was promptly taken off her hands within hours of her finishing it! The girl got skillz!

Terri from A creative Princess made this really fresh version in yellow and grey. Doesn't it make you feel that spring must surely be only just around the corner?

Liz from Moment's blog made this elegant & chic version and called her Audrey. I think that's a fitting name for a satchel with bags of style! (Yes, you can groan, the joke was funnier in my head)

I'm fairly certain that Dee is my sister from another continent (not quite the same ring to it as brother from another mother) because I have a fabric very similar to this, and couldn't help but lust after those gorgeous buttons on her side tabs! You can check out her beautiful blog for more details. 

Once again Maria from Mia's Creations made a truly lovely version in upholstery fabric although she found it was too thick to make the top handle, so that's something to take note of if you're planning on making your own Satchel bag.
I think her bag is perfectly made even without the top handle!

Next up is Susie's bag (yes, she of the 3am excited email - she'll never be allowed to forget it). She made it from a slub denim and as you can see, she was the first one done, suggesting a few pattern changes, higher side tabs, nipped in sides etc. I love that she added a button onto the front flap of the satchel for decoration! Susie sews in her sunroom and her blog is named Susie's Sunroom.
  And finally, Kim made this gorgeous gingham version of the Satchel bag. Kim just used the one button on each side tab rather than the two and it gives it a more casual, relaxed feel, don't you think?

If all of these gorgeous tester bags have inspired you to make your own, pop over to the shop and pick up a PDF copy of the pattern for £4. Use the code ATHOMEWITHMRSH10 for 10% discount at checkout.

Alternatively, there'll be a flurry of pattern giveaways from my testers, and proof readers in the coming weeks so watch out for those, I'll be posting as I know about them so that you can pop over and enter to win!

The first has already begun by a proof-reader of mine, Nissa. Nissa makes fabulous bags and has been working her way through a series to improve on her already substantial bag making skills. She has a really easy reading blog and always posts a couple of photos of what she's working on. Her blog's called Nissa Made and she's already got her giveaway running on her blog right now!

Leslie at ASG in the SLC already has her giveaway running too! Pop over to her blog to enter now.

My mum's already ordered a Satchel bag from me for her birthday so you'll be seeing more Satchel bags in March I'm afraid!

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  1. What fantastic ladies you have so talented and such lovely material cant wait for my bag to come so I csn brag what a talented daughter I have x

  2. What fantastic ladies you have so talented and such lovely material cant wait for my bag to come so I csn brag what a talented daughter I have x

  3. Okay, it's a tie in my mind: Leslie and Terri. Love those fabrics.
    Samantha, do you dream this stuff in your sleep? What an engineer!

  4. I have to say congrats on a wonderful new bag pattern. I know I will be buying one soon. All the test bags just help me see all the possibilities your new pattern holds:) Can't wait.

  5. Great bags! Thanks for the link back.. one entry so far.. woohoo! :)

  6. The bags all look good and all look so different. It is amazing how different fabric and little touches change the entire look of a bag.

  7. I bought my first apttern in your shop. I found your web site only some days ago.

  8. They all look great and so different in the various fabrics.

  9. I saw the bag Liz (Moments) has made and loved it so came to see the other versions.
    It's great to see so many different interpretations. All of the bags look wonderful.

  10. Awesome work everyone - love how different fabrics can make the same pattern look so, well, different! Each one has a unique personality!

  11. I love this bag pattern!!!

  12. I participated in all the blogs that host this giveaway. Samanta this is a beautiful pattern, just looking at this photos, I can say that the design is unique, really beautiful. I loooove it! I'll have to wait to see if I have luck and win the pattern. Congratulations to all the testers, you have done a beautiful job.
    Marisa from

  13. I forgot to say something important, Samantha thanks for your generosity, this is a lovely giveaway!

  14. yet another cracking pattern, I LOVE this bag! Unfortunately, it would be far too small to fit my kitchen sink, but I can think of a few people who I could make one for... maybe I could even stop carrying half the contents of my house round with me...

  15. Samantha,I want to let you know that today I blogged about your give away, this is the link to my blog post:
    Have a nice day!

  16. Things that are excellent convertible satchels tend to be its flexibility and functionality. It can be used virtually anywhere by anyone. You might use it as a Vintage Leather Satchel Bag for college or a handbag as an accessory night.


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