What I wore Sunday


I'm giving up with numbering these what I wore's, I lose track too easily!

This week I wore my crazy trousers, fairly neutral top and a scarf I was given by a fellow craft fair chum of mine.

Dus took one photo of me that made me look like a zombie so I made him take another :)

These trousers were advertised as 'wine' but when they arrived and I saw they were a bright magenta I just wasn't sure at all! I posted a quick pic on facebook and the general consensus was that they were a bit crazy but not as crazy as me. I guess that's a good thing?

I'm not doing very well with Sundays lately. Last Sunday I didn't go to church because I had a small panic attack on the Saturday (haven't had any attacks for years so this one was a bit out of the blue) then this Sunday I woke up with a headache. It came on Friday afternoon so I went to bed for a couple of hours and felt ok in the evening. Yesterday I was fine til around early evening when it came back and this morning I woke up with an echo of it. If that makes sense? It was behind my left eye and made me feel really weirdo. So this morning I went to church knowing we hadn't gone last week feeling a bit odd.

All was ok, I maybe appeared a bit tired, until the first song and the music was so loud and the guitar mix was not quite right on the sound desk and I felt a bit peculiar, popped down to the loo and wasn't very well. So I went back up, got my bag (and Dus) and headed home to lie on the sofa with a cold compress over my eyes.

On top of this, I'm still suffering with the sharp throbbing pain in my side which originally sent me into the Dr's surgery whilst pregnant and this last week my whole face has been teenagery! (In a 30 going on 13 kind of way). I'm either falling apart or not handling the stress very well at all. (Waiting for an ultrasound for the side pain btw).

Dus is fairly convinced it's the chaos that we're living in and has been on a mission today to organise our surroundings a bit. He's waterproofed the shed so that the garden things can go outside, glued the shower lever back on and cleaned the new cubicle. He also cleaned the bathroom floor, he's a cutie :)

We're still living in chaos, but the office floor (the saga that is), is about 3 hours of stencilling, and then 3 coats of varnish away from us being able to put things in there and then Dus will be able to work here at home and regular life will be restored.

So, back to my trousers, do you think they're too crazy? They're much, much brighter than I would usually wear!

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  1. The trousers are cute on YOU, and especially because it's springtime. :-) I'm so sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. There are so many possibilities from stress to food or environmental allergies. I'm convinced there are a ton of allergens out there from soy to wheat to dairy to pollen. Who knows. Hope you're soon feeling better. Wishing you a bouquet of bachelor buttons with a pretty bow.

  2. I"m glad you were able to have get a second photo that you liked better! I've given up on having my mister take photos because they always turn out horrid.

    I think the trousers look great! You've got the perfect little combination going with the sweater and the scarf. There is a teacher I see at one of the schools I go to, and she has these pants that are my most perfect favorite shade of green. I always wish I had a pair, until I realize that they wouldn't look nearly so good on me.

    I'm sorry that you're still having the pain. I hope they are able to figure it out, soon, and make it go away.

    The floor thing...it sounds like a lot of trouble! I hope you like the results. Is is typical, to paint the floor? We don't do that here, at least I've not known anyone that has done it.... I can't wait to see what you are stenciling onto the floor, too!

  3. 1. Pants - they look great on you! The colour is bright and it goes nicely with the softer colours with the bit of colour in the scarf. Also it highlights your lovely english complexion.
    2. Panic attacks, headaches and stress do go together and are NOT FUN. i would be inclined to agree with Dus, living out of routine for an extended period takes a toll on most folks. Moving house is very high on the list of major stressors and add renovating on top and you have another high stressor. You're not likely to get married so at least that one is off the list ;). Are you able to take a refreshing break from it al for a day or two?
    3. Stencilled floor - oooooow that sounds exciting. I look forward to seeing the pics.

  4. ahh.. So sorry you are not feeling too well. I hope you get some answers and relief with the side pain.

    Renovations are stressful.. we are in middle of some and the clutter does affect me sometimes. Your husband is awesome for trying what he can to make things better.

    Hope things get better soon.

  5. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well :( You have just moved house, so hopefully you'll start feeling better when things calm down a bit. Have you tried going for a lovely walk in this beautiful sunshine we've been having recently? I always find, even just going out for 20 mins around the block, that this is a great stress reliever.
    As for the trousers, I think they look cute on you and the whole outfit looks fantastic.


  6. I hope you are feeling better soon....
    Could you be having some sinus problems related to dust,(No, not Dustin!) paint, sawdust, varnish fumes, sanding particles stuff....etc? Even new carpets give off fumes (I have allergies and get that way after being in new carpet areas).
    Your friends have brought up some excellent points...
    it might help you to take some little "time off" breaks to get out and away and relax. Do you have a bathtub to take some relaxing soaks in?

    I also like your scarf and the cream colors, with your pants!
    Take care!

    1. oops I typed Dus' name wrong! I meant.... No, not Dus !

  7. Those trousers are fabulous, and a gorgeous colour!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like you need a good rest up! *hugs8

  8. I recently bought myself 10.... yes TEN pairs of brightly coloured pants on sale.... so who's crazy??? LOL...They cost me about what you would pay for two pairs normal price LOL.... Sorry to hear you haven't been well BUT stress can have a woeful effect on one's health....don't I know it! LOL Hope you feel better soon! XX
    ChrisW Designs


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