What a week!


This week we've been....


Pretending the alcove in the bathroom is the guest room

Wondering how much stuff we actually own

'climbing' into bed

Line drying on the mountainside

Shower lever on

Shower lever fallen off

Freshening up paintwork (insides of the panels unpainted)

Painting oneself into a small patch

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  1. Love it but not sure my backside will fit in that guest room x

  2. Love it but not sure my backside will fit in that guest room x

  3. Boy, you two are re-doing your whole house!!
    (You might want to look up a tutorial on How To Use A Ladder!! teehee)


  4. You are so funny! First of all, I so want your house! I'm so jealous!! Secondly, I totally loved the paint into the corner thing ... I sincerely hope that was staged ... because if not, let me just say you will hear the laughter from across the pond!!

  5. Looks like you've been having some fun! lol Love the guest room ;D

  6. Busy week! The fact that you are wearing so many layers when working tells me just how cold it is....
    The bathroom alcove is big, but not that big.
    Those have to be your legs and jeans... Dus doesn't get that much paint on himself when painting :P and how did you manage to paint yourself in????

  7. When you are finished....wanna come to my house and fix it up for me? LOLLL I've taken some photos so now I just need a few spare minutes to pop them on my blog so you can see my messs....err I mean Renos! LOL Christine
    ChrisW Designs

  8. Goodness, I'm exhausted just looking at all the work you've been doing. Hopefully things start to warm up a little for you though, because you look more ready for snow than flowers!


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