Labelling Dus


I caved to my need to label everything and bought myself a label maker. I bought the special edition pink one which comes with pink and blue metallic tapes although I also bought some clear labels.

It's like playing with a really old fashioned game boy! With no games.

Of course I began labelling the most important things.

Dus' natural reaction to being photographed for my blog is to pull a face. 
What's that? You can't see it? Good job I took a close up!

These are not Dus' usual clothes, these are his 'scraggers' which he wears for doing DIY and such. Some of his usual clothes also have holes in them though but you may not have noticed that you'll go look for it :)
 And of course, one must label one's leg lest one forget what one's leg is!

I can't wait to actually properly use my label maker :)

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  1. Oh my gosh that would totally be me! My husband has actually forbidden me from buying a label maker for that exact reason. Our entire house would look like one of those children's books where each picture is labeled!

  2. oooow Labels... yep labelling every thing is cool and addictive. buy more tape.
    and I couldn't find the hole in the jeans.

  3. finally found that teeny tiny hole... and i missed the bit about forgetting where one's leg is('cause I had to go hole hunting) - you crack me up :-)

  4. Dus must realize by now how easy you are to buy for at Christmas or birthday. lol

    Have fun. BTW, your other leg feels neglected...

  5. LOLLLL I have a label maker too BUT I stopped short of labelling my hubby....or else I would have had to search the garden for my label maker! LOLLL Christine
    ChrisW Designs


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