Turns out I couldn't resist all social media forever. I joined Instagram. Emily made me.

I've got 7 photos on there so far but if you want to follow me I can promise some pure photo gold one day. You may be waiting forever for that gold!

They gave me a nice button for you to click. Just click it...go on, you know you want to!


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  1. I'm such a good influence aren't I? :) Glad to see you have come over to join the fun!

  2. I've never really understood Instagram, but I think it began when someone was feeling particularly nostalgic about the 50s (1950s, that is), before the days of crystal clear digital photographs. I'm not being facetious, because that is what it seems like to me. Is there a better explanation out there? Does it take the place of Facebook? I. KNOW. NOTHING. (but yes, I did hit that button and saw your pics.) :-)

  3. I peeked at your instagram...I am impressed with your button organization!
    Very nice!
    I can't keep things organized on shelves like that... I don't like to fold.


  4. Woohoo, instagram! I find it a wonderfully lazy way to get pictures of projects onto the computer :D Am following!

  5. Ha. That was just the push I needed to finally take the step to join Instagram myself... I have been procrastinating for the last few months... I wanna do it, but I don't know anyone who does and will be on my ownsome... Do I really needed one more social media to manage?.... I really like taking pics of daily life and I am not sure the FB is always the place to show/share them....
    So Emily has helped me too.
    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to on Instagram.

    ps. the photos of the 50's were black and whites. the 70's were the grainy colour pics and the new 'instant' cameras became popular. I have an album full of such photos. I laugh when my 20 somethings show me their 'cool new' images.


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