What I wore Sunday - What a difference a week makes!


Around an hour ago Dus reminded me that this time last week him and our brother in law had been out mountain biking in the bright sunshine while us ladies sat in the sunshine entertaining ourselves with bets on how long their tinkering would take.

This week it's freezing cold and wet. Very wet. Wales does well at wet. It's almost the default setting for the weather here. This week then I'm dressed in thick woollen tights, boots, skirt, t shirt, blouse and chunky cardigan. Topped off with my winter coat and a scarf for going to church. I heard a rumour it is the middle of May.

This is my 'I don't believe a word of it!' face. I think it's actually October but I got lost in my calendar!

Please tell me there's sunshine without showers somewhere in the world?

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  1. We had loads of rain yesterday and this morning but this afternoon glorious sunshine.

  2. Nope, it rained all week here too!

  3. Well, it was mostly sunny, but windy and cold-ish here, for the last two days. Of course, there is a frost advisory tonight and I just planted my garden today.

    Your outfit is super cute! I bought myself some boots this past winter and planned to sew myself something to wear with them...but never got anything made, so I've not yet worn the boots. That outfit is on my list for the summer!

  4. You look radiant enough to make up for the wet weather.
    It was cool and drizzly here on Friday and then rained all day saturday - which meant we had to snuggle under rugs reading and lazing around instead of doing any of the myriad of tasks that needed doing. Sunday the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day in the mid 20's. ahhh I love this time of year.... any way, it came over cloudy in the afternoon with scattered showers. When we arrived home I forgot there had been a few decent showers and pulled the garage tilt-a-door down giving myself a cold shower! I'm awake! I know you are laughing now, just don't snort your tea out your nose... don't ask me how I know it hurts. ;)

  5. Ugh, it was so terribly hot today! It was lovely in the morning and we took the ladies to the zoo, but by the afternoon we were roasting. Rob and I got up on the roof this evening to finally unwrap the swamp cooler so that we can get the house to an agreeable temperature. :) It's gotten so hot so quickly, I wouldn't mind it being cool enough to break out a sweater. ;)

  6. I absolutely love your outfit. Those boots are great! So jealous as we never really have cold weather here that allows me to wear that fun stuff :) And I notice that the majority of your lovely readers are having lovely cool weather. I'm so living in the wrong place! It was 92 here yesterday and HOT. I wore tank tops and shorts and flip flops to ride bikes with my son.


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