Khaki Kasia Skirt {with paisley pockets}


There's going to be outcry, I already know there will be. Khaki to you is chino to us and khaki to us is olive green to you. Unless you're a Brit, in which case you're fabulous!

So....skirt week is almost upon us so I decided to get an early start and as soon as it was announced I was browsing skirt patterns. I happened upon a free Burda pattern, the Kasia skirt. It was an advanced pattern but I thought as long as I took my time and I had my trusty Alison Smith 'The Sewing Book' near by I'd be ok. And I was...amazingly!


Excuse my messy hair, I'm due a trim!
 The buttons on the front undo to reveal a zip (I used an invisible zip to try and increase my skills)

 I used khaki twill for the main of the skirt and then that gorgeous olive green paisley cotton for the gathered pockets.

The back should have had these gathered pocket things on too but I thought it would look a bit odd so I modified the pattern. There's a bit of gathering at the side seam at the top here over my hips but I'd already serged the side seam and stitched down the waist band facing so it's something I'll be more careful about next time.

There's a bit of extra bulk around the belly due to the zip being hidden under the buttoned pockets.

 You can just see where the back gathered inserts should be by the princess seam lines on the waistband. I didn't think about making the waistband one piece too until it was too late. Oh well.

Also, why is it one only has to walk into a sewing room for a stray thread to attach itself?!

Answers on a postcard what I was thinking about please?
All of the fabrics and materials for this skirt were already in my stash apart from the concealed zip which cost me £1.49. Not too shabby an attempt for my stashbusting, right?

 Here's my fashion bloggers pose below. It felt very silly and looks a bit daft too!

I'm still not convinced on the buttons, I'm thinking green would have matched better, but they wouldn't have been so visible and such a feature.

And next on my plan for skirt week is a maxi skirt from this gifted crinkle gauze. I'm trying to challenge myself this year to make things I wouldn't have before and to learn some new skills.

Have you started on your skirt week entries yet? I'm hoping to get three skirts done in total so I should be ok timing wise! Just don't forget to crop your photo SQUARE before entering it into the Flickr groups!

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  1. Looks great! I love the contrasting pockets - they really make it fun!

  2. Your skirt looks great! I love the style of it! Cute shoes, too!

  3. I knew it was that cute paisley on the pockets. :) The skirt looks good - is it comfy? The buttons are obvious but I am not sure they really add to the skirt as much as they could, is it possible to switch them for fancy ones that sing (that way even if you can't sing well, your buttons will.) ;)

    oh and when you were looking down you were admiring that gorgeous floor and thinking, "what a fine job I did there."

  4. really got me giggling with the khaki and chinos. Lovely skirt and I like how you have chosen the paisely material without whichit would be very boring!


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