What I wore Sunday


Despite my crazy face, this was the best outfit picture so you will have to ignore the face :)

Because it was lovely and sunny I went with the most spring-y colour in my wardrobe. Black. I'm brilliant at this dressing for the seasons things!

Anyway, leggings, printed voile dress and cardigan. I wore this with my black knee high boots but I forgot to take a photo before I took my boots off.

Today is a bank holiday in the UK so we've been enjoying ourselves all weekend, I made sure to take some photos to show you, I'll pop them up as soon as I can x

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  1. How does that song go?.... "funny face, I love you, funny face i need you. these are the sweetest words. I've ever heard." that's the chorus any way (from memory. )
    You are looking positively springy! About time you guys got a little bit of warmth. We are finally getting a bit of cool. Our days are still lovely but it is cool in the mornings and evenings - sends me looking for a cardy at around 16-18 degrees which is probably your top temps.


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