Weekend Shenanigans


This weekend Dus' sister and I played a trick on Dus. Well, a sort of a surprise rather than a trick.

Saturday lunchtime Dus received a text from his sister asking if he was ever going to invite them to come and visit. He replied saying she could visit whenever they liked. About a minute later there was a knock on the door, Dus answered, and there was his sister, her husband and their youngest son. SURPRISE!!!!! Seeing as they live 5 hours away it took Dus a couple of minutes to realise that it was them, on the doorstep and his face was a picture. Not a picture I can show you, I was too busy laughing at the joy on his face.

I've cropped my nephew out of the photos here but all you need to know is he's the cutest 2 year old in existence.

Our weekend was spent with the boys shopping, tinkering and then riding while we wives and child soaked up some sun and put the world to rights. I enjoyed a bath supervised by Mr Cheetah and Mr Crocagator, we all enjoyed baked treats and our glass recycling bin started clinking rather loudly!

Tinkertime - Dus is showing my nephew how to tinker while Kazo is happily tinkering to the right there.

Me being a granny sitting nattering in the sun. Yes, some sun!!

Of course there was some Catan-ing. Dus won :)
We finished the weekend (well, bank holiday Monday) with a lunchtime BBQ which my sister Lizzie joined us for, before they zoomed off back to England leaving me with a slightly snotty cheek and a disappointment that we live so far away.

Good job we're holidaying with the whole of Dus' sister's family in 3 weeks time though, I missed the larger smallings this weekend!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time with the family! Where are you all going for vacation in a few weeks?

  2. What a great weekend for all of you. Glad it went so well. lol bin tinkling - you clever word-smith.


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