Come dine with me!


Finally I've got some 'after' photos to show you! I'm sure it'll be more likely to be a first after though as I'm sure these rooms will change over time.

So here's the dining room the day we got the keys. Or the next day really.

The seller used this room for his fridge. That was it. When we came to see the house the room was completely empty except a fridge/freezer. Oh and the Madonna boob light.

Here it is now.

I seem to have managed to take the photo at the same angle so that's handy!

Let's start at the left and work our way round. Pile of junk & glass of water: model's own.
Dutch dresser £60 second hand.
Tea trolley £10 second hand (posted about ages ago)
Plant on top - housewarming gift
Curtains - 2 x thermal door curtains from dreams n drapes via ebay £15 total
Cream curtain pole - Wilkinsons £11.50
Table & Chairs - Ikea £90 (bought 3 years ago but still the same price)
Cream chair cushions - Ikea (unavailable now) maybe about £4 each?
Large jute rug - Ikea £60
Tall plant - On loan from church until he recovers from his over-watering. It's a devil's ivy. Which is funny. He lives at church and he's called a devil's ivy. haw haw.
Lampshade - Ikea £13
Willow heart - Made ourselves on holiday in November.

Flowers - Tesco clearance - £1.25. Booyar!
So I guess this is the room Ikea built but hey, when you're on a budget, what's a girl to do? It's also a bit girly so I made sure to make sure the.... No, wait, I'm lying. The whole house is girly! Oops!

The left and centre walls are pure brilliant white and the right wall and the sticky out bit of wall end are painted with a 60/40 mix of Dulux Timeless Classics 'Sophisticated sage' and pure brilliant white

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  1. the white makes the room look so much brighter. Lookin' good.

  2. Blimey. You two certainly don't waste much time! Looks really good. And - without trying to sound too Kevin-McCloud-lite - the area does look bigger. Very smart indeed.
    Breezy, clean and Fresh*


    *Sounds like an American morning talkshow host.

  3. Haha, Our entire house is Ikea! We even have that same table. Isn't that how everyone furnishes their apartments and first house? No idea what we did before Ikea came along.

    The room really does look much brighter, and I love that dresser. It's such a unique shape that it gives the room some extra character. I don't think you really need the tea trolly though do you? Maybe you should send that over to me instead. I'm sure you guys have them in every house, but here we don't see very many. They are so stinkin' cute!

  4. Samantha, you have made it so, so lovely!!! And I am glad to see that you took my advice and have extra water on hand in case of a power outage. ;-)

  5. Your dining room is really lovely! It looks so fresh and inviting!

    Great job!!


    1. Forgot to mention that I love your curtains.... like a garden framing the patio doors!

  6. Oh GREAT JOB Samantha! I LOVE it! It looks very relaxing yet fresh and inviting! We have two big glass doors in our dining room just like yours, only they open out onto the verandah.....Mind you, my dining room isn't big enough for anything else but a HUGE dining table! LOLLLL LOVE that Dutch Dresser....what character it adds to the room! makes me WISH I had room for one!
    ChrisW Designs

  7. It looks lovely! Spacious and homely and light. :)


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