Gypsy Rose Maxi skirt


Skirt week, skirt week, skirt week...eek!

It's that time of the year to get all those skirts made that you've been thinking, one day I'll make that into a skirt.

Already pressed flat
I was gifted a large piece of this crinkle gauze by a very good friend of mine and I wanted to make it into a maxi skirt. What I did was ironed it flat first (cutting crinkle is a nightmare!) then made up a pattern based on one of the myriad of maxi patterns out there (it may have been a hybrid) and then made it. I multiplied my measurements x 20% though to take the crinkle into account. Having washed it now though, I maybe should have added more, it's very slim fit!

Hello mountain (again)

I sewed up each side seam with my serger, stitched on some thick elastic at the top using my serger and then did a rolled hem...yup, with my serger. This was a quick and satisfying make even if I do look a bit granny in it. It's very comfy though if that helps?

How are you getting on with your skirts? Anyone else entering?


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  1. Nice Skirt. It looks lovely with the black top and cardy and NOT at all granny. Gotta love an easy make that is easy to wear.

  2. You look beautiful in it! I love that fabric!

  3. It's looks wonderful, love the fabric (I'm a sucker for roses on black) !! I don't think it looks granny-ish at all..I hope to get a skirt done....we'll see.

  4. I Love it !!!
    I don't think it makes you look like a granny...I think you look great !!
    You should make more long skirts...suits you but I am sure Dus prefers the short ones..:LOL

  5. I completely forgot about skirt week, so nothing happening here, but I think yours is lovely! It doesn't look "granny" at all!


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