Happy Father's Day


Here's a prayer I've been asked to read in church today and I thought I'd share it with you. Happy Father's day all of you gents out there.

Prayers for Father’s day

On this Father's Day, we pray for all those entrusted with the responsibility of care for others.

For those who, against their will, are distant from their children: we pray for encouragement, for changes in circumstances, and for a means of communication with their children strong enough to allow love to be known.

For those who are distant from their children by choice, by accident, by mistake or by neglect: awaken in them the desire, the hunger, the courage, to become who you have called them to be.

For those who are emotionally distant from their children: grant a renewed vision of who we are in relation to others and to you; give a sense of urgency to arranging life's priorities; grant the courage to admit weakness and passion to work through it.

We pray for all those with a negative taste of fatherhood, whose experience of their own father, leaves them unable to use that word of you.

We thank you for those who find their own wellbeing, in that of their children - and pray that all our relationships may be fruitful:

We thank you for all those parents who - for the sake of their children - have battled against poverty, against their own selfishness, against tiredness.

We thank you for those who have battled against the divorce industry, against slander, and against despair.

We thank you for all who model what it means to be a father.

Open our eyes again to the true burdens and the true joys of fatherhood.

On this day, when we celebrate Fatherhood - may we see in you, the face of one who has struggled with your children, who has felt their failure and felt their joy, and who has never given up on them.

And as we look to you, we thank you for all whom you have called to represent you as fathers. AMEN

As an aside, every Mothering Sunday our church gives a small gift to all of the women and then Father's day we take the time to honour our men. We don't just give to fathers and mothers, but take the time to honour the women, and then the men. It's lovely, really lovely.

I've got their gifts all ready and wrapped up and not a chocolate or shower gel in sight! I hope they like them!!
Oh, and what's a blog post without a picture. Here's my dad :)
My dad at my wedding reception. He wore the requisite FOB outfit for the majority of the wedding then got changed into his 'disco' t shirt for the disco :)
This photo explains a lot about me to those of you who were wondering how I'm so...urm...fun!

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