I'm baaaaaaaaaack! (and a winner)


How very dare I go on holiday without telling any of you? Naughty me. I chose to ignore the 'no internet, very little signal' warning and thought I'd be able to post a little from my phone at least.

We got home late Thursday and I had in mind to post yesterday and then we got up, went to work and all of a sudden a flurry of emails came in with work, invoices, extensions...it was really busy and for once, I had to work a full day!

Photo taken at 6.30pm on the day we arrived at our holiday house (Dus' aunt and uncle's house)

Today then, surely I can spare some time Saturday to post...well I had a parcel to collect from the post office, then we HAD to go to B&Q for some compost (it's sunny, it's the law) and then we spent all afternoon in the garden doing battle with deep old roots and a ton of general rubbish. So now I'm here, destroyed from the garden, slightly asleep and having a short break before getting started on some very important baking. (more on that another day, I'm too tired!).

I know I'm overdue an end of the month recap/list style post but I thought I'd best announce who'll get my wallet because surprisingly lots of you liked it!

If you want to make your own you can purchase the pattern from Sew Sweetness here. I used Cath Kidston Provence Rose for the outside which a few of you thought was a cute fabric.

Ok, so in really annoying style, I'm not going to announce the winner's name, just a link to her blog so you can all pop over and reward her with some new readers too :) I used random.org to choose the winner just so's you know. I didn't feel any need to post a screenshot/cropped photo/proof that I did though because I'm destroyed from gardening :)

The winner is YOU! I'll email you within the next little while for your address. Thank you to everyone else who entered.

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  1. What a lovely view. Hope you had a good rest on your holiday.
    Congrats to Kim (spoiler alert).

  2. how rude of you to leave like that. Even if you did tell me. And I managed to harrass you while you were away. And on your way back. Why aren't you stalking me anymore?


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