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Hello! You know it's been a busy weekend when it takes me to Tuesday to blog about it!

This weekend was cold and wet and dreary. I put my thick winter coat on and stepped outside to see if I would be too warm. I wasn't so I went back inside and added a scarf!

I posted on instagram Sunday morning this photo with the caption, Nothing says summer in Wales like boots and woolly tights.

Then when we got home from church I set to baking the Alabama Fudge cakes and forgot to have my picture taken. Luckily Dus came along and snapped a pic of me in action. I don't look too impressed!

I do have nicer aprons but I was attempting to make red velvet cake and didn't want my nice aprons to be stained.

So, Nicole tells me that pudding is a very definite type of dessert so I'll call the rest of the puddings, desserts from now on, seeing as I'm in American mode now and all. Y'all.

Let's have a dessert update. I've not made any more shortcakes since the last time we spoke, I have made 9 pecan pies (I made ten but one had to be sacrificed for taste testing because it erupted like a volcano) and I've made 4 Alabama Fudge cakes.

However, the fudge cakes are really not right. I just don't trust the recipe having done it so many times and them never coming out right. I tried googling it, but there only seems to be one recipe for Alabama Fudge cake and that's all that's coming up. New plan. I emailed Toni and she gave me some options and I settled on trying Red Velvet cake next. This is all the while panicking because I've got so much to do and changing the desserts this late is not helpful!

So off I went to Asda to get a bottle of red food colouring but I didn't check it properly, it was natural red food colouring. You know, the one made with beetroot and paprika rather than crushed beetles and additives.

Yeah no, the cake came out greeny brown. It just looks brown in the pic below.

I thought there was something wrong but assumed that there'd be some sort of chemical reaction when it baked and it would turn bright red in the oven.

I've put some food colouring gel onto my Tesco shop for today so I'll try again. Failing that it'll be fudge lovers strawberry chocolate cake, it's one cake I know I can do!!

Oh yes, and I sewed up loads of strips of patchwork for making table runners out of. I went to the charity shop today and bought some blue and white fabrics for putting them with and I found a red and white table runner so that'll do for one of the tables.

Making patchwork makes me snooze, I find it so boring to sew squares together!!

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  1. Oh yes, the Americans must have their additives and preservatives. lol And if you say 'y'all' in Wisconsin, we'll know you're not a native. :-)

    I can't believe all the work you're going to - not to mention the expense. Those Americans are going to eat you out of house and home!

  2. I remember when I realized the key to red velvet cake was BRIGHT RED food coloring and there wasn't some secret ingredient that just made it red. A bit disappointing.

    Yes, pudding is definitely not what you would call a cake or pie :)

    Pecan pies look good! Though I lived in Alabama for three years and never heard of Alabama fudge cake...

    Good luck with the rest of your baking!

  3. You have the patience of a Saint. I used to bake loads when the kids were small. I don't have the time to bake now in fact I hardly have time to cook. I've all the time in the world to eat them though LOLL Love your patchwork.

  4. Goodness! Somehow I missed the last post and didn't realize that you were making all the desserts by yourself. No wonder you're sending me panicked e-mails in the middle of the night! Your pies and shortcakes are looking great though, so as soon as you get this cake straightened your home free. Too bad you don't live down the street or I would have just brought one over for ya. ;-) Good Luck getting it all done in time!

  5. Gosh you are busy! The red in Red Velvet Cake is over-rated. Can't believe you are also sewing between all that baking..

    Now I feel like pecan pie.

  6. My oh my...that's a lot of work!!! Hope they appreciate it,and hoping you get to enjoy yourself at some point..

  7. You are doing an excellent job, and although the desserts might not look exactly right if they taste good, which I'm sure they will, you are ahead of the game. I appreciate your "y'all", I'm from the Panhandle of Texas and that is exactly what everyone says. I appreciate all your effort and I'm sure this group will too. Have a wonderful time!

  8. I'm glad you're calling them desserts now, I was confused at first with all of the pudding talk (even though I figured it was just a difference in word usage).

    I'm sure the visitors will love your desserts and it really only matters that they taste good. It cracks me up though, that you are making all of these desserts that I've never even made :) I have made these things called Pecan Tassies (like miniature pecan pies... made in a mini muffin pan)

    I'm sorry that you're still wearing wooly tights in June, though, even if you do look cute!

  9. You are one incredible girl with all that baking and making. Do the not-red cakes taste yummy? If so, cover the green-tinge with icing and make up a new American name and serve them up with gusto. :) You could even take suggestions on a name - how about route 66 cakes or new york muffins or ...
    apparently there is a well-known restaurant in the USA which serve an 'authentic' Aussie cuisine. Most of the items on the menu make sense but there is one 'genuine Aussie' item called a Blumin' Onion. It is a flower made by cutting and opening up the layers of the onion and then deep frying it. It is not even the tiniest bit Aussie and when telling Aussies about it ad asking them if they have ever seen or heard of anything like it, no one has. So if our American friends can get away with that one you can definitely serve your own non-red version of a red velvet cake. ;)

  10. Red Velvet Cake does have a crazy amount of food coloring--scary stuff! I'd rather eat your non-Red#40 version any day! Best of luck!

  11. I can't believe you're making all those puddings ! (I'm not American so I'm calling them by their real name). You can always post the failed ones to me, I'll eat pretty much anything.


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