Brights lap quilt


Remember ages ago I took part in the Covert Robin swap and made friends with Mary?

Well I won a prize....wohoo!! I like to think it's cos what I made was so amazing, but I think it's just because my name was pulled out of the hat. Let's pretend it's because what I made was awesome.

Well I won a FQ pack from Jill at Made with Moxie. Wohoo!

Thank you very much Jill, it's much appreciated!

They're brighter than this in real life!

The pack of 5 fat quarters arrived one day with an adorable home made envelope and notecard from Jill. Hmm, what to do with it, I thought. I had a scout around on her blog to see if she said anywhere what range they were from to see if I could get hold of any more or any matching fabrics but they're not named. She just called it a Moxie FQ pack.

What then? Oh go on then, let's cut each FQ into 4 and sew it together into a really small lap quilt!

I only have this really pouffey wadding type stuff but I thought it would do ok and I used light grey for the backing.

I have never quilted a quilt before so I just stitched in the ditches and hoped for the best.

There are a few ninkles on the back (is there a technical term for those?) so I'll need to unpick those and redo them and I need to bind it now. I emailed Liz, the fount of all quilting knowledge (It was too early for Sarah who's mum is a quilting queen) and asked do I need to stitch around the edge before putting the binding on and I'm afraid she got rather excited at the thought of me making another quilt!

Liz, don't get too excited now that it's been confirmed. I did all of this in one afternoon and it's been sitting waiting to be finished for 3 weeks now. I don't think we'll be looking at a finish photo anytime soon :)

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  1. Hey, I have that same fabric! Aren't the blues and greens lovely together? I tried finding more once too, but it turns out it's not from a "line" exactly. You can't buy it on the bolt, but the company sells FQs, and half-sized jelly rolls at most of our larger craft stores like Joann's & AC Moore. I'd send more, but I'm sure you're not going to take it apart now!

  2. This is pretty awesome! :) I'd stitch around the outside before adding the binding. Binding isn't too bad really - you can even do it all by machine - which is what I do most times. :) I have a tutorial on my blog about machine sewn binding, not that it's anything special, just how I do it. Go for it!!

  3. I love greens and blues! I have some fabric that nearly matches that flowered note card I see in the photo, too.

    This is a great idea, I think for making a no fuss quilt from some fat quarters! I don't know if you have a walking foot or not, but that's how I usually avoid puckers when I am doing straight line quilting.

  4. I have to admit my heart skipped a beat when I saw your post ...a quilt !!!
    Now that I see it will have to baste the edges before you put the binding on. ( you don't have much quilting along the edges to hold it in place.
    Next quilt...use 505 Basting Spray and you won't get any folds or puckers.
    Since the quit has been sitting around for 3 its time to get the binding on ! ...its only scary the first time !
    Looking forward to finished pictures :-)

  5. Cute lap quilt. Of course, eventually it would also make an equally cool baby quilt.
    All this making, and during such a busy time - you amaze me.

  6. do you mean puckers? If they're only small, they may not show up when it's washed. Stitching in the ditch was brave, it's so hard!

  7. Gorgeous fabrics. I love cool colours. This is a beautiful first attempt. You should see mine. LOLLL


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