What we wore Sunday


Summer has been with us for ages now, at least 3 weeks! It was beautifully hot yesterday, around 23 degrees in church (74 in F) so I got to wear a skirt. For once I took some pics of what Dus wore too. I know you 're interested!

Dus was on the sound desk at church this week. Doesn't he dress appropriately!

See, I told you it was sunny!

 I wore my circle skirt with pockets with a plain white t shirt and a white cardigan.
I do like this skirt but it's an awful lot of fabric to be wearing. I felt bulky all day! Especially when trying to squeeze along the pew to the sound desk at church!
(The majority of our seating at church is chairs but we still have the pews at the back as they are raised ones.)

I did a twirl so that you could see how much fabric there is in this circle skirt. I think next time I'll go for making a half circle skirt! I quite like this photo, I look most amused by my twirling!

It's kind of overcast here today, I'm hoping that just means it's saving the sunshine up for this coming weekend instead!

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  1. Cute skirt! I'm glad it's sunny somewhere in the world :-D

  2. I love the look of circle skirts on other people; on me it is just scary. You wear it well.
    Yes Dus, very appropriate and the sound desk is where one would almost always find Al - is it that techy thing?

  3. Dus really looks the part and that skirt is perfect for dancing in.


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