Rusty Cord Skirt


So my final entry for skirt week is this full corduroy skirt in rust. When I woke up this morning I didn't even have this fabric in my possession. At lunchtime it was finished in the washing machine and hanging out on the line to dry. At 3pm I thought, ah go on then, I might as well start and see how far I got. Guess what...I finished it!

Not quite as good as the previous wall
 I used 1m of rust cord fabric (bought new for £5.99) and used a Burda Style magazine pattern from issue 07/2006 style 131.

The front has two v's on the yoke and the back has one deep v and two darts. I had a few issues sewing the V's in and would appreciate if anyone has any V sewing tips!

I inserted an in seam pocket on the right seam. The left seam called for an invisible zipper but I had a lovely dark brown metal zipper the perfect size so I used that instead and I'm really pleased with the look of it.

I didn't have any coordinating bias tape so unfortunately I had to do the hem properly, turn and press, turn again and press then stitch. *sigh* I hate hemming properly.

This skirt has got quite a wide hem radius (I totally made that phrase up) which will make it comfy and easy to wear. One day my legs might start looking a bit less pale too.

Next to tweed, corduroy is my favourite clothing fabric.
This rust coloured corduroy skirt is my final entry into the Skirt Week competition and I was going to put it into the Full category but looking at it, it's more A line than full so I'll put it in the A Line group.  Hopefully I won't be penalised for putting it in the wrong category!


p.s. Sorry for bombarding you with posts this week, normal service will resume next week!

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  1. This is my favorite. The lines are very flattering on you and the color is fantastic.

  2. It looks great! The fabric is such a gorgeous colour. It's really impressive that you made it so fast.
    I hate hemming too. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way we could snap our fingers and all the hemming was done by magic?!

  3. Wow, it looks great!! Such a busy sewing lady you've been this week, I haven't minded at all!! Thanx for sharing. I sew V's starting from the top on both sides, (not a continuous seam pivoting at the point)

  4. Okay, you're just too cute! Love the whole look! And I love corduroy and that color. I used to have a hooded rust corduroy dress which I loved and totally wore it out.

  5. Gorgeous! I agree with above, lovely colour and the fit is very flattering :-)

  6. I like the whole look. Good for you finishing a skirt in one day! I don't think I could do it with a fitted style and a zipper and all. I had enough trouble with my elastic waist!

  7. I had a whole comment mentally composed in my head, but poof! (that's because it's before 6 am and I'm already begrudgingly awake...)

    I love corduroy, too. I have a few small pieces in my stash, that I think would be cute made into skirts for my niece.

    Your skirt looks great! I should sew more clothing for myself, but I'm not so much into any altering of patterns that needs to be done.

  8. Sexy legs !!
    I like the cut of the skirt...sorry I can't help you with V seams ( I avoid them like the plague !)
    I think the skirt would also look good in a long length .

  9. looks great Samantha! Love the colour! My daughter always tells me I should wear skirts and dresses more BUT I am pants's rare to find me in a skirt or dress......At least if I am wearing jeans or some other long pants.....nobody can tell if I have been to lazy to shave my legs! HA!

  10. LOVE that skirt! So cute and what a lovely colour and cut.
    It's been a long time since I did that kind of V seam, but it was a tricky seam. I was always super-careful with seam allowance and stop and start points.
    Congrats on getting to the top 10 and for so many votes - I was too late to the party.

  11. This is definitely my favorite skirt!

    Do you happen to know if it is still possible to get that pattern? I tried looking various ways online, with no luck.

    ~ K

  12. Love this skirt. You look like you're in France. I collected Burda magazines for years and think I have this issue so I'm off to check.

  13. Wow , just love this look x


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