What I wore Sunday


Hello! Our heatwave took a slight hiatus yesterday so I took the opportunity to bust out the trusty jeans again and paired them with a floaty top.

Also, realising that because I was wearing a long line top it would make me look shorter and prompt comments from you. Yes you. I worked out how to look taller in photos.

See how much taller I look?

I thought as well, that I'd take the opportunity today to explain to you why it's unfair of you to laugh at us Brits and our heatwave.

We may have only had temperatures of up to 30C (86F) but firstly, those temperatures are often recorded in the shade and actually, our roads are melting. Roads start melting at 50C (122F) so it must be that hot in the sun. (That's my logic at least)

Secondly, we don't have air conditioning. Sure, we probably most of us with newer cars have some form of air con in the car and stores are likely to, but we don't have any in our homes or workplaces. (Unless you work in one of the supermarkets that does have air con!).

Thirdly, we don't have pools in our back gardens. If we do it's one of these, and even then they've sold out in the UK at the moment!!

Fourthly, the annual average temperature for the UK is 11C (51F), we're just not used to these temperatures for extended periods!

Fifthly....no, that's all I've got really. Just sympathise with us pasty cool country dwellers while we sit with our feet in a bowl of cold water pretending that we're on holiday with our feet in the sea!

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  1. Yeah we talked bout all that, but you guys just make such easy targets when you think about the fact that it was over 100 degrees (38+) here for 3 straight days last week. You might have melting roads, but we've got melting people! ;D

  2. I can see how much taller you look in your second picture... with your socks on!! LOL just kidding to not notice the extended arms pose....
    You look cute in both pictures! Blue makes your blue eyes stand out!


  3. First of all, that's a great trick for making you look taller. :-)

    Secondly, I thought all Brits lived within 60 miles of the sea - so there's no excuse, is there?? ;-) But with the windy roads and the [probably] packed beaches, I suspect that the bowl of cold water is a good second.

  4. Cute pose! It's sweltering over here and we live on the equator! I think this is the hottest summer ever.


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