Protecting the paisley stencilled floor


Lovelies, I am still in total, head over heels love with our paisley stencilled sewing studio office floor.

But with two rolley chairs, we wanted to make sure we didn't get bald spots under our chairs. With 32 hours of work painting and stuff, no way do we want to re-do it any time soon!

If you're thinking about painting your floor, then please do continue reading. The rest of you, just look at the photos, the rest will be boring to you. :)

Firstly we try to only use a soft bristled broom on the floor and then vacuum up the pile of debris at the end (once we've dustpanned up what we can); rather than vacuum the entire floor and risk scratching it.
I know it's got 3 layers of diamond hard varnish on, but still, I'd rather not risk it because once it's scratched, it's scratched.

Dust bunnies and 'stuff'. I really should sweep more often!

Secondly, we purchased two hard floor chair mats to go under our desks. I'm not being compensated and I didn't get the mats free (I wish!) but these are the ones we got.

Rubbermaid chair mat
It's the Rubbermaid Diamond Hard floor chair mat size 97 x 125cm. We use them with the curved end under the desk and the end with the label on in the pic above poking out into the room. I suspect there's an equivalent product available for non Brits too.

Here's how it looks in our sewing studio office. It's got some sort of non slip magic on the underside, even when I've spray and wiped the underside to clean it, it comes back non slip.

I took this pic with the sun coming through the window so that you can see where the mat is. It's really clear and well camouflaged against the patterned floor.

It's like where's wally but with mat instead!

It even distracts from my ugly forest green office chair which I'm sure I'll get around to recovering one day. (Don't hold your breath)

 This is my desk set up. The grey cabinet on the end holds our paperwork and stationery supplies. I did sort of tidy my desk top for the photo, but definitely didn't for the base!

We're obviously hoping that this floor will last us a good long time, we love the pattern and it's just so fun!

The mats came in at £19.99 each, which is more than I'd usually spend on a chair mat because I'm cheap but they're well worth the price, are a really thick rubber/plastic and just blend in with the floor rather than being really obvious big blobs of coloured mat.

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  1. How on earth did I miss this the first go round? I kept scrolling back up to make sure this was really your page and thinking "When did they get paisleys?" Anywho, It looks gorgeous, and I'm glad to see it's holding up after all the hard work you guys put into it!

  2. Wouldn't it be good if you could cover the whole floor in Rubbermaid. Make life a lot easier.

  3. you could sew covers for your would count for the Create Along...this quarter is Bathroom or Office :-)
    Make something nice for your office new slip covers ! LOL

  4. That is one gorgeous floor! Seriously incredible!

  5. That floor is absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much for all the great information!


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