From pine to grey!


A while back I was looking for some furniture to fill our massive new living room and a friend of mine posted on facebook that she was selling a half moon console table on ebay. I didn't save a photo, but it was something like this.


The one pictured is teak but the one I bought from my friend was country pine. I loved the table, but didn't love the colour of it, I'm just not a wood fan! So I got my trusty Jewsons Dark grey undercoat out and slapped some on. I love the satin grey colour of it and was going to do two coats. I didn't even get around to doing the second coat yet!

I bought some crystal drawer knobs for £3.99 for 4 from Home Bargains and popped that on.

This is where we intended to have it, but when we moved the sofas round it needed to move over to the other side.

Actually, if I'm honest, the reason for moving it was because I bought a mighty fat mirror at Too Good to Waste for a tenner and the only place to put it was on the other wall so had to move the sofas!

This mirror is as big as our 32" TV screen!!

We've got really high ceilings here so we were able to put it lengthwise and up quite high. I was all for putting it higher, after all, who needs to actually look in a mirror? Dus persuaded me to at least have it low enough for me to look into. What can I say? He was right again!

Looking at this photo here has decided me that the lamp can't live on the table, it's too far from the socket. I didn't think it looked that bad, but it does!

I love this lamp, it was given to us for Christmas last year by Dus' dad and his wife.

See how big this mirror is? I'm standing fairly close and yet I look tiny in it!!

As you can see, we've still got our iron bannister, and no, I still haven't dusted it yet :)

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  1. Love your mirror. It looks so posh. You did a great job of the table too. I love natural wood but not keen on orange pine so I love the colour of yours

  2. oooh I love it...the style and color looks super!! I paint everything, I love color. Wood is too dark and depressing during our long dark winters.

  3. I'm really not a painting kind of girl, but your table looks great! The pretty white lamp looks very pretty sitting there on the grey! The mirror is very pretty, too. We don't really have any mirrors hanging in our house, only in the washroom and unfortunately, the closet doors are all mirrored.

  4. that table will look fab with a framed picture of me on it.

  5. Your table turned out so pretty! Gray is the new black!
    I think it would go with your paisley-floored office/sewing room, too!


  6. Love your makeover! Room looks great :)

  7. That table is so pretty now! I love that last shot with the reflection and the bannister. It looks like something from an interior design magazine!

  8. Oh I love this!!!!

    Natasha @


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