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When I was shopping for our new sofas I liked the look of the Tidafors sofas from Ikea (btw this isn't a sponsored post) but they were so new in the UK I couldn't find any pics of them in people's homes, or how they'd worn.

The Ektorp is of course the most popular sofa and we looked at that too because of the practicality of the covers. We went to the Ikea store and just hung around sitting on the sofas for a while. When we were there an employee was spending time attending to the display Ektorps. He spent a massive amount of time plumping the cushions, lint rollering the covers, and yet when he'd finished, they still looked tired!

So we plumped (ha!) for the Tidafors in the Tullinge Grey-Brown. We went for a 2 seater and a 3 seater to give us more options rather than a corner unit which would have probably been a better use of space.

I took some photos of how they arrived and then today I've taken some photos of them with 3 months worth of wear and tear.

The layout of our ground floor is such that to fit any sofa in without taking it apart, we would have needed to remove the living room window and then have it replaced. The Tidafors came as a self assembly sofa (ha!!) and fitted in perfectly even though we have a narrow weirdo angle coming in through the front door.

As you can see each sofa came in bits. The back, the base and then the arm rests.

You bolt the base onto the back, add feet, then bolt the arm rests onto the back and base. They're very sturdy and the feet are nice and chunky.

 Here's the 2 seater ready made up. The fabric had a slight smell to it, a chemical kind of smell so I assume that's just part of the processing. It faded quickly and was fully gone after about a week. We just sprayed a bit of febreeze over the backs of them every now and then.

 As you can see this photo was taken in April when we'd just moved in and still had a lot to do! I think we were doing the office floor at the time.

I loved the shape on these sofas most, I love the gathers at the arms and the top of the headrests.

Here's what they look like today in July, 3 months on.

This is the 3 seater Tidafors in Tullinge Grey-Brown. It's the sofa we use every lunchtime and every evening and it does need plumping to keep the back nice and pouffey, but it's still very comfortable and the seat is bouncy. The arm rest are really comfortable for resting one's head on when lounging around.

 This 2 seater sofa is sat on, just not very regularly and it's still so pouffey that I slide off it! I'm only short and my feet don't touch the floor!

And while we're looking at the living room, I'd like your opinion on some curtains I told you I'd bought and wasn't sure on. They're the Lappljung curtains from Ikea. They were cheap (£15), long (300cm) and bring a bit of colour into our grey living room. I'm not sure whether they're too Africa rather than Marrakesh.

They are about 30cm too long so I can make some cushion covers from the excess to tie them in with the rest of the room. What do you think of them?

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  1. I agree the curtains are very pretty, bring some color in, and are not too much of anything.


  2. I love your sofas, that fabric would be great for my bags LOLLL love the curtains too and the whole room will be transformed when you make the matching cushions.

  3. I like the colour and pattern in the fabric of the curtains. I doesn't seem to over-power or anything but it is hard to get perspective without seeing them across the room. Try taking a pic at night so the light coming through the window doesn't affect the look too much. Being able to make matching cushions is a big advantage too.
    The sofas look comfy too. I am a giant so could fix that too poofy problem for you in no time ;).

  4. I think the curtains are lovely, and the sofa looks great! We actually have the Ektorp (3 seater & armchair) and I'm surprised it has held up as well as it has over the 8 years we've had it. Especially considering the fact that it's been through 5 different moves, jumped, spilled, climbed, and peed on numerous times by 2 kidlets, and frequently mistaken as a scratching post by 6 cats. Heck, the fact that it's still in one piece is good enough for me! :D

  5. I like the curtains. The red and gray look good together! and it will look even better with the cushions. I just bought fabric to make a couple for my couch.

  6. Great choice of colour for the couches. and I love the curtains, nice to have a bit of pop of colours.

  7. I like the pattern on the curtains, and the color, too! They are beautiful. Matching pillows are a great idea if you have spare fabric!

  8. Do you ever wonder who designed a home that would make it so that you would have to remove the window in order to fit the sofa in? Of course, I know the house I grew up in, there was something we had to bring in through the window into the upper level. It was an old, old house with narrow stairs that had a turn. Anyway, glad you found some furniture that you liked. Our sofa is a serviceable sleeper sofa, but I don't really like sitting on it much. Luckily, we have a recliner that I can sit in, instead :)

  9. We just bought those curtains - I love them and I am thinking of buying the sofas. Are they still wearing well?

  10. We also are thinking of getting a tidafors sofa, how has it worn out after a year ? Still pleased with it ?

  11. We also are thinking of getting a tidafors sofa, how has it worn out after a year ? Still pleased with it ?

    1. Hi Sophie,

      It's pretty much exactly as it was last July, the latest photo pictured above on this post.

      We still love it and it still looks great and feels comfy. We're really pleased with our choice!

      Samantha x

  12. Hi there,
    Hopefully you still look after this blog :)
    How are the sofas holding out?? We went to look at some today and love how they look! Just wondered if they were worth the investment!

    1. Hi Vicky,

      Yup, still present and correct!

      We still love our sofas! There's only two of us so we swapped the sofas round and now we sit on the two seater to even out the wear. They are wearing incredibly well, don't show any stains (recently had a baby...) and the padding on them hasn't sunk too much!

      The only reason we've swapped which one we sit on is we think we want them both to wear at the same time rather than 5 years down the line have one which looks brand spanking new and the other a bit shabby!
      Samantha x

  13. hi samantha
    How are the sofas holding out till now ?? We went to look at some couple of days ago and love how they look and feel ! Just wondered if they were worth the investment 3 years later!
    thanks in advance and best regards

    1. They're fabulous! We still love them and they don't really look any different! They still look fabulous, and are only slightly worn looking!


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